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  1. David H 09/30/2016
    Good Morning, Stephen!

    I just wanted to let you know how much I am liking your novel. When I was younger I enjoyed very much the sharing of Frank Peretti, Richard Bach, William P. Young and a few others, and now enjoying Tom Brown Jr. but might I say that your story seems more densely packed. What I mean to say is that there seems to be no filler, and that every turn leads to a matter of spiritual import. I appreciate that about you, Stephen.
  2. David T 09/30/2016

    Your story sounds similar to the story The Shack that blessed me. I believe your story will have the same effect.

    May God bless you richly,
  3. Don 09/30/2016

    Mmmm….warm while chillingly empathic, as if on the threshold of a new beginning.

    A yearning of anticipation sets in.

    Write on.

  4. Joe 09/30/2016
    Hi Stephen,

    I’m enjoying your latest series “Light from the Crack.” Anava is describing perspectives that I’ve often pondered. What does living water “taste” like? How does it make you feel? What do you think about after you’ve had a taste? These seem like childish questions, but I take comfort in the experiences and answers from Anava and the characters he (she?) encounters. I find Anava’s journey thus far to be very revealing. I’m encouraged by what you’ve been led to write and share.

    Thanks so much.
  5. Jonathan B 09/16/2016
    Hi Stephen,

    I just read the first two chapters of your new series and wanted to send a note to encourage you in your new endeavour. I loved them - I found a few nuggets of revelation for myself tucked in there, and I think you will reach many people through this, in a completely different way than previously. The overall theme seems to fit quite well with where I’m at on my own journey at the moment, and I’m sure with others too.

    I’m looking forward to the rest!

    Jonathan B
  6. Margriet 09/30/2016

    I really liked reading your first chapter... and started translating it. This helps me to really understand what I read and ponder over it… and I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that others here in the Netherlands (that don’t read English well) would want to read this as well.

  7. Michael 09/30/2016
    Hi Stephen,

    I have moist eyes right now….

    SO as I read your Chapter 1 today, and saw that you also recognized this pearl (iniquity can only be removed by YHWH), my love of YHWH and for my desire to have His Kingdom Come today and be fully manifested on earth (and in my earthen vessel) cannot be contained. So I cry……

    It’s all good. I love your story. I love your intentions / motives for it.

    Thanks for always putting yourself “out there”. I read everything you blog. I have grown to understand the subtleties of your points. And, I may not always understand, but rather than dismissing new thoughts / ideas, I put them on the “shelf” to chew on later until my understanding is increased to better see / hear what you mean. I have found that we have more in common in the way we think than you realize. You’ll write something and my gut will resonate with it. Not many people have done that with me. My dad did it. Ron, Rob, and James have done it. You do it as well. I get “it”. I appreciate all that you have done. I love what you have done. Thank you….

    I began to read your new adventure before I was aware that the words were yours. I skipped your mention of a new series in the previous weblog, and thought I was reading the real-life experience of a native American when I began reading '' Light from the Crack". I think you will have great success with this venture as you incorporate your extensive and deep Biblical revelations in the life experiences of Anava. Really looking forward to see where he takes us! I have a question or two but I'll ask them at a later date.

    With Love,

  8. Pat 09/30/2016
    Hi Stephen,

    I have been reading your blogs and books for all over 20 years and I {we} am blessed! Thank you!

    This new blog I thought would be less of a teaching and not as fulfilling for us readers. (selfish!). Boy was I wrong! And glad to be so! I feel like a kid being fat a bed time story and can't wait for the next chapter.

    Wow! How awesome the relationship you have with the father. It gives us all hope. I don't think I know when the Father speaks to me let alone know what my purpose/gifts are.

    I love what you are doing it speaks to me for sure! I suspect that there is more truth than fiction in your journal!


    Thank you.

    Wish dad [recently deceased] could read your new journal I think he would have been busy as excited as I am.
  9. Rob 09/30/2016
    This is so anointed. Just read the first and it brought tears! Happy belated pi day!

  10. Simone 09/30/2016
    Dear Sir Stephen,

    Thank you so much for The Light in the Crack. My mom and I agree that it’s incomparable to anything we’ve ever read, it’s captivated us like never before! Can’t wait to read further….

    It’s so cool! The last while God has done amazing things in my life and I have entered a kind of rest and peacefulness. I am no longer overly concerned with ‘pleasing’ God out of fear that He will reject me, now I am more centred on doing the right thing because I want to do it for Him, because I love Him and my relationship with Him has grown so much that I am always aware of His presence, whatever I am doing….

    It feels like my life has completely turned around in every way. I am recovering in leaps and bounds from anorexia and that realisation of my true identity helped me cross so many bridges there as well. So many, many bondages have fallen from me this year that I can just leap for joy writing this, and it’s like your story has just seriously given me a witness to all that is happening in my life, and I hope in the lives of many others, it’s like the whole thing sums up perfectly what’s been happening to me! WOW!...

    You’re story has unlocked a lot for me about all of this as well and I’m so excited for whatever is going to happen next in this journey God has called me to!

    At the moment I am learning super hard for my S.A.T. in November, and God has opened a lot of doors for me dance-wise as well, and I am very excited for whatever He is going to use me for in the future through all this.

    Thanks for the amazing blessing of that story!