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Apr 22, 2006

Spiritual and Mental Logic: Part 1

Category: Bible Studies

Within each of us are two centers of thinking. In the Bible they are referred to as the spirit and the soul. The thinking center of the spirit is called the heart. The thinking center of the soul is called the mind. We are primarily familiar with the th… Read Full Blog

Apr 21, 2006

The Kingdom of God: Final

Category: Bible Studies

It is a political axiom, based upon human nature, that nations act in their own self-interest. The Bible, however, labels "human nature" to be the carnal man or the soulish man (psuchikos). And so, though we all live with human nature, it is… Read Full Blog

Apr 20, 2006

The Kingdom of God: Part 4

Category: Bible Studies

The Kingdom of God is a Universal Kingdom. It is not an exclusive club for Israelites, although Israel does have a major role to play in its establishment. Yet when I speak of "Israel," I do not mean the counterfeit state known by that name today… Read Full Blog

Apr 19, 2006

The Kingdom of God: Part 3

Category: Bible Studies

I showed in my last weblog that the Kingdom is already in existence--and has been at least since the days of Moses. Moses founded the Kingdom under a Passover anointing, and from Moses to Jesus Christ was a Passover Age. That Age began at the first Passove… Read Full Blog

Apr 18, 2006

The Kingdom of God: Part 2

Category: Bible Studies

When Jesus sent out His disciples, He told them in Matt. 10:7, "And as you go, preach, saying, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." What did He mean, at hand? Was it immediate? Some say that the Kingdom was established at the cross or on th… Read Full Blog

Apr 17, 2006

The Kingdom of God: Part 1

Category: Bible Studies

Jesus and the disciples preached a message called "the Gospel of the Kingdom." Matt. 9:35 says, "And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the Kingdom..." It i… Read Full Blog

Apr 12, 2006

The Story of Judas

Category: Bible Studies

In yesterday's web log, I mentioned that I have a supply of Potassium Iodate that you may purchase for $15 per bottle, plus $5 per order for postage. I failed to mention how to pay for it, and so we had a number of inquiries in that regard. You can … Read Full Blog

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