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Jun 14, 2006

Interesting News Article from Israeli Newspaper

Category: News

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, has posted an interesting article about Menachem Begin, entitled, "Bombmaker tells Haaretz: Begin ordered hit on Adenauer" By Amiram Barkat … Read Full Blog

Jun 14, 2006

Intercession for America: Part 5

Category: Bible Studies

In May of 2001 a dozen people were led to meet in Coer d'Alene, Idaho to discuss the Word of the Lord and to establish certain things by the Spirit. While we were there, the Lord revealed that He was raising up a new Gideon's Army to do spiritual w… Read Full Blog

Jun 13, 2006

Intercession for America: Part 4

Category: Bible Studies

In the overthrow of the seven princes over America, we received an unexpected bonus that was not revealed until after it was completed. The Lord said that America had been "divorced" from the golden calves on March 24, 2001, which was the final d… Read Full Blog

Jun 12, 2006

Intercession for America: Part 3

Category: Bible Studies

The first phase of our spiritual warfare in 2001 ended on February 28, 2001. This is when the 6.8 Richter quake hit the Capitol Dome in Olympia, Washington, as I explained earlier. It was also the 10-year anniversary of the end of Gulf War I. If you have k… Read Full Blog

Jun 11, 2006

Miscellaneous Excuses and Book Ads

Category: Announcements

Although I have been able to keep up with the web logs lately, I have been on the road for the past two weeks. Laptops are a wonderful invention. But occasionally, because I often drive, rather than fly (so I can take the family with me), I have to get goi… Read Full Blog

Jun 10, 2006

Intercession for America: Part 2

Category: Bible Studies

After our meetings at the DoubleTree in Minneapolis were concluded (Feb. 22, 2001), I took a plane to Seattle, Washington State, where I was scheduled to hold other meetings. The Father revealed that an "all-out war" was about to begin on Februar… Read Full Blog

Jun 9, 2006

Intercession for America in 2001: Part 1

Category: Bible Studies

The year 2001 was one of the most pivotal years in history. Everything changed in that year, not only in America but for the whole world. As I have written many times, the Pentecostal Age ended on May 30, 1993 on the 40th Jubilee of the Church since Pen… Read Full Blog

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