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Feb 18, 2021

How the Bible Came to Us, part 1

Category: Bible Studies

Many have wondered if the Bible is truly the inspired word of God, and some wonder if men have omitted inspired books to suit their own opinions. In my view, we are indebted to Ivan Panin and his Numeric English New Testament (also in Greek) to establish t… Read Full Blog

Feb 17, 2021


Category: General

As it turned out, our study in Isaiah concluded on February 16 (2/16), which was one of the most significant prophetic watch dates this month. On our calendar, it is the resurrection day for the Second Passover, and it signifies new life, a major change. … Read Full Blog

Feb 16, 2021

Isaiah, Book 9, part 34 (Final)

Category: Bible Studies

In speaking of the sons of God, the children of the New Jerusalem (i.e., Sarah), the Lord also speaks of executing judgment upon those who eat unclean spiritual food. The contrast between the two groups is apparent in Isaiah 66:16 and 17. But then the word… Read Full Blog

Feb 15, 2021

Isaiah, Prophet of Salvation, Book 9, part 33

Category: Bible Studies

A woman experiences great joy once her child has been born. It is the same with Zion’s delivery of her sons. Hence, we read in Isaiah 66:10-12, 10 “Be joyful with Jerusalem and rejoice for her, all you who love her; be exceedingly glad with … Read Full Blog

Feb 14, 2021

Current events in the second 76-day cycle

Category: News

UFO Debris News February 13, 2021 turned out to be an interesting and significant day. First of all, a FOIA request produced an official government admission that they had recovered a lot of debris from the crash of the UFO in 1947 at Roswell, NM. Th… Read Full Blog

Feb 13, 2021

Isaiah, Prophet of Salvation, Book 9, part 32

Category: Bible Studies

Isaiah 66:2 describes one who is Spirit filled, for God has indwelt the one who is humble, contrite, and takes the word of God seriously. Isaiah 66:3, 4 then describes how God viewed most of the religious people in that day, 3 “But he who kills an… Read Full Blog

Feb 12, 2021

Recent Issues with Email Notifications

Category: Site News

We have had several reports over the last few months of users not receiving emails of new blog posts, and this appears to have been an ongoing problem with little reason as to why it should be happening at all. We wanted to give you all an update on what h… Read Full Blog

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