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Jun 23, 2022

14 countries banned Disney’s new “Lightyear” movie for pushing same-sex kiss

Category: News

Disney has long been accused of using subliminal pictures in its animations to promote sexual topics. Its dark side is now coming out into the open with the new “Lightyear” animated movie, which promotes lesbians in a relationship. Call it Gay … Read Full Post

Jun 22, 2022

Babylonian values rejected in Asia

Category: News

Babylon’s new culture of (biblical) immorality has been spawned in the West. The West has attached this culture to Democracy itself and has taken upon itself the task of spreading such Democratic principles and culture to the rest of the world. With … Read Full Post

Jun 21, 2022

Two forms of fiat

Category: Prophetic

Fiat is defined as “an arbitrary order or decree.” It is a Latin word that means “let it be done.” In fact, creation was accomplished by The Great Fiat, “Let there be…” But in today’s world, fiat usually ref… Read Full Post

Jun 20, 2022

FINA bans transgenders from women's swimming competitions

Category: News

At last, women's rights are finally being reestablished, at least in swimming competitions. Finally, sanity prevailed in the world of women’s sports. … Read Full Post

Jun 19, 2022

Living under siege in Donetsk as Ukrainian war crimes continue

Category: News

This is what is like to live in a war zone where artillery shells homes and shops indiscriminately. The local people blame America for providing these weapons to the Ukrainian army so that they can kill civilians in Donetsk. Clearly, war crimes are being c… Read Full Post

Jun 18, 2022

Symptoms of a looming food shortage

Category: News

It looks like we are being set up for food shortages in the world. Food processors are being destroyed or damaged; cattle are dying of "heat and humidity." Some say it is deliberate (a conspiracy), while others say it is just a coincidence. Eithe… Read Full Post

Jun 18, 2022

Personal thoughts about the ministry work

Category: Ministry News

I am currently writing the July FFI and am starting a new series. It is a commentary on the book of Habakkuk. I touched on Habakkuk briefly last week in a weblog but thought it would be helpful to do a full study on that “minor” prophet and his… Read Full Post

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