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Sep 29, 2021

The climax of the Prophetic Year

Category: Prophetic

Yesterday the Prophetic Year ended on the eighth day of Tabernacles—as it does every year. We now await the start of the next Prophetic Year after a short interim. The Call to Repentance was the culmination of the Prophetic Year 2020-2021, which beg… Read Full Post

Sep 28, 2021

Dr. Michael McDowell proves that the vaxx is a bioweapon

Category: News

Dr. McDowell (theologian) is from Trinidad. He shows the documentation that provides many “smoking guns” that the vaxx is extremely harmful and is designed to destroy humanity. Watch this 28-minute video.… Read Full Post

Sep 28, 2021

NYC erupts to protest vaxx mandates

Category: News

Thousands of protesters expressed their anger against Joe Biden and DeBlasio for attacking the people with the clot-shot. (Sorry for some of the language from the crowd.)… Read Full Post

Sep 28, 2021

Call to Repentance for National Idolatry

Category: Prayer Campaigns

Two days ago I gave some background for this call to repentance. If you did not read it earlier, you may read it here: We are the children of Abraham, because we have the same quality… Read Full Post

Sep 27, 2021

In Japan, contaminants found in Pfizer and Moderna vaxxes

Category: News

In August 2021 contaminants were found in the Moderna vaxxes. The Gunma prefectural government said Sunday that foreign… Read Full Post

Sep 27, 2021

The rise of the saints, part 5

Category: Prophetic

We held a Quail and Manna conference near San Francisco on March 11, 2011, beginning the day of the tsunami in Japan. The tsunami crossed the ocean and struck our West Coast with 5-foot waves a few minutes before our conference began. The theme of the c… Read Full Post

Sep 26, 2021

Prophecy from Troy Black about September 28

Category: Prophetic

I came across this prophetic word from Troy Black, where he says that he received two watch dates: September 4 and September 28/29. September 4, of course, is significant because “July is like September.” Recall that July 4 was day of our la… Read Full Post

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