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Mar 28, 2022

Completing Jehu's anointed mission

Category: Prophetic

On March 7, 2022 the Lord posed a question to Bradley: “Shall I continue with Trump?” We were given 21 days to discern and to come to a decision/conclusion. This question was too big for any single individual, so it was put into the hands of th… Read Full Post

Mar 26, 2022

A major victory and a new beginning

Category: Ministry News

I am currently assessing the results of the prayer campaigns from the past month. Recall that we actually fought these battles on the same dates in 2001, but that we are now seeing the results 21 years later. So even though we refer to these as spiritual b… Read Full Post

Mar 24, 2022

One result of the prayer campaign ending today

Category: News

Today ends the third and final battle in the past month. Much has happened, but on a national level, the following has just occurred. Today Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, The Democratic National Committee, and others for vilifying h… Read Full Post

Mar 23, 2022

Defining the battlefield

Category: Ministry News

We are now witnessing the spiritual battle whose outcome was determined at this time in 2001. Though it certainly affects us personally and current events in general, we are in a state of rest, knowing that we have already won. Indeed, evidence began to su… Read Full Post

Mar 22, 2022

The mechanics of prophecy and timing

Category: Ministry News

When I write about so many events from the past to correlate them to the present, it can make many eyes glaze over. It would be helpful to include pictures of timelines or graphs, but such things take time, which is a precious commodity. So a certain level… Read Full Post

Mar 21, 2022

The Third Battle from 2001 now resurfacing

Category: Ministry News

In past years we have learned about the three courts of heaven. These were imitated, as best they understood, in Jerusalem during biblical times: 1) the throne of grace in the temple, where most petitions are made, 2) the divine court at Bethesda on the Mo… Read Full Post

Mar 19, 2022

A final delay to the appointed time

Category: Ministry News

I will be out of town this weekend at an important prayer summit, so it is not likely that I will post anything until Monday. Please pray for John (in South Africa), as he suddenly became very ill yesteryday morning, March 18. It is hardly sur… Read Full Post

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