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Dec 19, 2022

Kingdom Vision part 19 - The Laws of Measuring Time

Category: Prophetic

The law of time is set forth in the law of equal weights and measures—the measures in particular, because time measures the distance between events. One of the most basic tools of measurement is the cubit. Some years ago, as I was driving and thro… Read Full Post

Dec 17, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 18

Category: Prophetic

The number 2,520 was discovered by the Greeks a few centuries before Christ. It was a sacred number to them, partly because it was divisible by all of the factors from one to ten (and 12 also). To put it another way, 2,520 is the lowest common denominator … Read Full Post

Dec 16, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 17

Category: Prophetic

Jerusalem set the timing for the great tribulation of Scripture. The “seven times” began with the fall of Jerusalem in 604 B.C. and ended in 2017. This is because the biblical calendar, after being suspended during the Babylonian captivity, res… Read Full Post

Dec 15, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 16

Category: Prophetic

The story of Israel is not complete without an understanding of its incremental restoration. In fact, the main controversy centers on the question of how Israel’s restoration is being fulfilled today at the end of the age. The New Replacement Theo… Read Full Post

Dec 13, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 15

Category: Prophetic

The term “Jew” (Yehudi, Judahite) has a range of meaning. First, it may refer to the patriarch named Judah. Second, it may refer to his literal descendants. Third, it may refer to the tribe, which included many non-Jews who joined the tribe and… Read Full Post

Dec 12, 2022

Expo in Pakistan

Category: Ministry News

This past weekend, beginning December 9, Pastor Fiaz had a booth at the first national “Expo” in Pakistan, called the Theological Educator’s Forum, featuring dozens of different ministries. He was able to introduce to all of these ministr… Read Full Post

Dec 12, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 14

Category: Prophetic

Since the days of Moses, the Israelites enjoyed a clear advantage over other nations in that they were “entrusted with the oracles of God” (Romans 3:1, 2). Those, for instance, who lived in China or the Congo had no such revelation for many gen… Read Full Post

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