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The Unhyphenated American

We need more of these. Read his article about the conservative media destroying the fake news journalists hired by the CIA's Operation Mockingbird.……

The results of Relativism in the modern world

This illustrates what is happening in our schools, institutions, and government. After posting the video above, I came across thi……

A short history of our time

When President Roosevelt declared the American Republic to be bankrupt in 1933, he began to implement the change-over from a Christian Republic to a Socialist and Atheistic Democr……

Commentary on Ruth now available

Ruth: Redemption and Sonship is now available for $15 each (postage paid for domestic orders; please add $10 for foreign orders). It is 119 pages long. You can see a picture of th……

Copy of warrant to spy on Trump

It appears that the order to spy on Trump came through the UK in the so-called “Five Eyes” program. That is the agreement where the US government spies on other countries on behal……

Trust, Commitment, Love

Collapse of Deutsche Bank imminent?

It is looking more and more like Deutsche Bank is going to be the criminal bank that brings down the banking system of Mystery Babylon. When the financial report came out last wee……

Pablo Escobar worked for the CIA?

I have met people who knew from first-hand experience that the CIA funded many of its projects through the importation and sale of drugs, especially from Colombia. This has given ……

The art of declaring war

Maxine Waters’ declaration of war: Waters finished with a call to action: "If you se……

Janet Napolitano resigns after her corruption is discovered University of California (UC) President Janet Napolitano announced her r……

Showing 71-80 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo