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Dispensationalism Establishes Absalom's Kingdom

Dispensationalists teach that the Jews rejected the Davidic Kingdom that Jesus offered to them, and that for this reason it was deferred or postponed to a future time. I do n……

Dispensationalism and David's Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is one Kingdom from the beginning, but there are differing manifestations of it throughout history. Or perhaps a better way of looking at it would be to say tha……

Dispensationalism's Spiritual Kingdom

Dispensationalism would say that the Church was a spiritual Kingdom operating in the Age of Grace, whereas there will be an earthly Jewish Kingdom in the Kingdom Age to come. I……

Dispensationalism vs. Old Testament Types

When John was cast into prison, Jesus began to preach the Kingdom in Galilee (Mark 1:14). While John was still ministering, Jesus restrained Himself, for we find that at the marri……

Dispensations vs. Ages

If it were not for the Scofield Bible, the idea of Dispensationalism would probably have remained a minority idea and not been a serious problem in the Church today. However, the ……

Dispensational Nonsense

Many years ago, when I was young, I read a book by Clarence Larkin called Dispensational Truth without realizing just how far from the truth it was. Dispensationalism is the ……

Prophets and Priests

The Charismatic Movement began largely as a house church movement among the youth in the 1960's. As I understand it, this movement really started as the "Jesus People" movement on……

Brother Yun and the Back to Jerusalem Movement

In the fall of 1995 Brother Yun was speaking at a house church gathering in central China. He had been given a burden for the Muslim countries and believed that the house church m……

Brother Yun Leaves China

Brother Yun's bold escape from the prison greatly embarrassed the Chinese authorities, and they launched a huge manhunt to find him. From this point on, Yun's ministry in China wa……

The Greatness of God

When Brother Yun escaped from the Zhengzhou Prison in China by simply walking out the iron gates, the other Christian prisoners watched him leave. Brother Xu tells it from his per……

Showing 841-850 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo