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Brother Yun's Prison Break

The idea of a unified house church movement frightened the Chinese government, and an all-out effort to arrest the house church leaders was launched. They did not understand that ……

Unity Comes to China's House Churches

On March 20, 2007 I wrote a web log quoting from Megashift, by James Rutz, in regard to the unification of China's house church movement. It was from the perspective of Wang Xin C……

Brother Yun, the Massage Therapist

While Brother Yun was in the prison labor camp in China, he began doing massages as an excuse to pray for the sick. He was soon known as a gifted masseur! One day a lady who was t……

Brother Yun's Prison Ministry

In October of 1984, Brother Yun was sentenced to just four years to prison, accused of being a “counter-revolutionary” for His Christian witness and for refusing to join the gover……

Is it a Hate Crime to Believe the Bible?

There is a disturbing side effect to President Bush's Iraq War policy. It is serving to purge the political base of the Republican Party of all except the most Zionist of Christia……

Update on Oklahoma Campmeeting

The United Tribes for Christ has an updated site and schedule for those of you in the Oklahoma area who may want to attend.……

Open Letter about Brother Yun

Brother Yun has been subjected to many attacks by Christians in the West ever since he escaped from China. Such attacks are common among Christians who do not know the law and do ……

Status on Creation's Jubilee

We are all out of Creation's Jubilee. We plan to reprint, but this will take two or three months at least. Right now we are in the process of reprinting Secrets of Time. Creation'……

Brother Yun Goes to Prison

Brother Yun could not return home without being arrested. So he continued to travel and preach the Gospel to villages, staying one step ahead of the Chinese police. As he took a b……

Brother Yun Meets the God of Peter

In December 1980, Brother Yun was invited to participate in a new government program in China. They were setting up a state-controlled Christian Church called "Three-Self Patrioti……

Showing 851-860 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo