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Brother Yun is Sent to Preach

After Brother Yun received his Bible, he memorized the book of Matthew and Acts 1-12. He laid down on the bed and suddenly felt someone tap him on the shoulder. A voice said, "Yun……

Water Fuel Car

Here is a short video news report from Fox News featuring a man who has found a way to burn water for fuel. It is truly amazing. You'll enjoy it.……

Brother Yun Gets a Bible

I have mentioned in earlier articles the fact that there are well over 100 million Christians in China today. This has been a fairly recent phenomenon. The gospel first came to He……

Burning Bush Bible School Update

We are making progress on the curriculum for Burning Bush. Many of you have elected to take the first year's online courses, which were opened up to all on the first of this year.……

Progress Report for March

As you know, I have cut back on the web logs this month in order to catch up on other projects. Here is a report on what has been accomplished this month so far: Reprinted book……

How People Manipulate the Stock Market Legally

Here is an amazing admission from Jim Cramer about how the stocks can be manipulated with only a few million dollars. He knows, because he freely admits how he does it and tells u……

How the Chinese Church Found Unity in 1997

Here is a story from Megashift, by James Rutz, pages 104, 105, which I think you should know: "How important is unity to the Lord? He spoke dramatically to this point in 1997.……


The other day the web site was down. Many of you were concerned. It was just a mixup at the server, who was using the wrong credit card to try to pay the bill. When it didn't work……

March Break from Web Logs

I am being led to take a web log break during this entire month of March. I have a heavy travel schedule beginning in April, and I need to catch up on my other work this month. ……

Prayer Day

We had a lot of snow today, which prevented me from going to the office to do the web log. It turned into a day of prayer and discernment for us. The snow will continue tonight……

Showing 861-870 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo