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Censorship at its finest

In decades past, the Communists and Socialists fought hard to win the right to hold views that were unamerican and unpopular. They won those rights, and now that their views are m……

Nearing the end of a 5-year delay?

Here is an article dated October 24, 2014, nearly five years ago. I wonder if they are still on schedule.……

An overview of recent history

Those who obtain their knowledge of the world only through the mainstream media and government-run educational facilities are taught only a sanitized version of reality. Yet virtu……

Hollywood hate groups

It is interesting to see how the hate groups in America keep pointing to the peaceful groups, calling them hate groups. In psychology, it is called “Projection.” So we see that th……

Congress calls for Pentagon to investigate military for weaponizing ticks with Lyme Disease

For many years some have believed that Lyme Disease was a man-made disease designed to debilitate enemy troops and to drum up more business for Big Pharma. Perhaps Congress can fi……

New Video -- Tim Atkinson Interview: Evidence of Giants; Stem Cells

08/05/2019 - Interview with Tim Atkinson: Evidence of Giants; Stem Cells Dr. Jones interviews Dr. Tim Atkinson about his findings with relation to giants, and about a ste……

Dr. Pieczenik’s interview from 2018

I first posted this interview a year ago on August 1, 2018. It is interesting to look back at what he said in light of what has transpired a year later. Dr. Steve Pieczenik s……

Video Plans for August

My wife, Darla, has had a problem in her right hip for the past year and the orthopedist says she needs a hip replacement. We decided to try a hip rejuvenation through stem cell t……

The ongoing battle to save the children

On the abortion battlefront, the giant fighting for the dark side is Planned Parenthood. Though it has been an uphill battle all the way, President Trump’s legal team is slowly wi……

If you have been harmed by Roundup

Here is a claims form to fill out if you believe you have been harmed by Monsanto’s Roundup. Monsanto has already had to pay out $2 billion for health damages. Bleed them dry! The……

Showing 81-90 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo