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Informative Website on Khazaria

Many of you never heard of the Khazar conversion to Judaism in 740 A.D., although there is quite a bit of information about it that is available for anyone to read. Here is one we……

Roots of the Present Conflict

Because of technical difficulties, I was unable to do a weblog earlier in the day. I only have a short time in the afternoon, because I am a conference speaker this week end. Yet i……

Religion Fatigue

On June 28, 2006 we held a prayer campaign called "He Cares." It was, in part, to counter the Bohemian Club's "Cremation of Care" ceremony at the Bohemian Grove in the Redwood For……

More Light on Eureka

Yesterday I posted a log asking you to ratify the decree before the Divine Court involving the Bohemian Club that is meeting at this present time in their 2700-acre Bohemian Grove……

Supplementary Quote from T. Austin Sparks

T. Austin Sparks, Power with God. "God must eventually be vindicated in creation by glorifying humanity. When God undertook to create man, He undertook all the responsibility……

Spring Conference Dates

In my latest cover letter for the FFI, I mentioned a Spring Conference being held in Pennsylvania, but I neglected to give the actual dates of that conference. In order to avoid ……

An Encouraging Letter

Here's an email received from a prison guard who was given a copy of "Creation's Jubilee" by a prisoner a couple years ago. I thought I would share it with you by way of encouragem……

Leviathan and Zionism

Gen. 1:28 says that the Bible created man to "subdue the earth." This tells us that apart from man, the earth was chaotic like a jungle and in need to organization and purpose. In ……

Leviticus v. Leviathan

Throughout the Middle Ages, the monarchs and popes asserted their divine rights to rule the people. It was called in Latin, Rex Lex, "the king is law." What is the law? Well, ask t……

The Consequences of a Secular America

America's unique place in history is in the fact that it took the biblical principles of equality from the Protestant Reformation and incorporated them into a theory of government.……

Showing 891-900 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo