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US pushes Russia toward war

Here is an informative article about the desire of Western oligarchs to demonize Putin and to antagonize Russia into doing something that can make it look like they started the wa……

Chinese gold standard would be a game changer

Bloomberg is speculating about what would happen if China adopts a gold standard to back their money.……

Supreme Court extends gay marriage rights to all states

It is now official. The USA is now Sodom from a biblical world view. We are now in the condition presented in the first chapter of Isaiah, when the prophet saw Israel in the same ……

The coming crisis

The crisis in Europe over the Greek bailout shows no signs of an agreement. A run on the Greek banks began some time ago, as people began to withdraw their money. The first three ……

Saudi Arabia turns toward Russia

The Saudis have decided to turn east and north, rather than look to the West. This marks a major turn since just last year. Saudi Arabia and Russia just signed six new important a……

Europe's poorest country just got robbed

Moldova is Europe’s poorest country. The three of its banks just had to be bailed out by the government, because they “loaned” money to companies that immediately sent the money t……

Greece is preparing to default

The failure of the negotiations between Greece and the European Central Bank yesterday has resulted in both sides taking steps to prepare for default. It looks like Greece is anti……

The Greek debt crisis and prophecy

The Greek debt crisis just reached an important impasse, with EU officials ready to deliver an ultimatum: Pay up or else!……

Resurrection testimony at the UN

This short testimony, given at the UN, tells how Mr. Lee Stoneking was raised from the dead. Perhaps it is significant as a sign of the Stone Kingdom that is arising. http://yo……

Texas gold depository may be the first step toward re-monetizing gold

When governments give themselves the legal right to lie, it is usually based on the mistaken idea that their lies are “good for the people.” The people can’t handle the truth. The……

Showing 991-1000 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo