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Proof of the New Hampshire election fraud in 2020

The New Hampshire election fraud proof is here. It’s the smoking gun.

Nebuchadnezzar's insanity

In Daniel 4:32, 33 we read how God judged the Babylonian king for his arrogance by driving him insane. The king thought he was a beast of the field and ended up eating grass like ……

After Astrazenica vax, Bluetooth is tracking this man

This man got the Astrazenica vax. Now every Bluetooth device loves him and wants to connect with him. Watch him demonstrate it. This was more than a vax. He was given something el……

Arizona election audit turns explosive

If you have been following Arizona’s audit of the 2020 election, you will know that they have already found that Donald Trump won the vote in Arizona by more than 100,000 votes. T……

Darwin's Arch collapses

It’s not looking too good for Darwin (or his evolutionary theory, which he reportedly renounced on his deathbed).……

A fish wearing a wedding ring

This was reported a few days ago but just now came to my attention. Recall that the symbol of the fish was used in the early church, based on the Greek word Ichthus, “fish.” The w……

India's covid cases drop dramatically after recommending HCQ and Ivermectin

Having the second largest population in the world, India was supposed to be a depopulation success story. Unfortunately for Bill Gates, who once touted vaccines as an answer to ov……

Possible explanation for the magnetism in the genetic engineering jab

Remember how genetically-engineered "vax" has made people magnetic at the site of their injection? Here is a possible answer, dating back to tech research from five years ago. ……

India's Public Health Ambassador just wanted to prove that the vax was safe

It’s time to learn the lesson that India’s public health ambassador showed the world. Too bad he swallowed Dr. Fauci's kool-aid. It's the kool-aid that killed him. https://ww……

Vax turning people into super heroes?

Covix vax turning people into Magneto Men and Magneta Women. I can’t verify this because no one in my house has gotten vaxxed.……

Showing 21-30 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo