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Blog Category - News

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A quick update

This is just a quick update on events going on behind the scenes. Things are happening at an unbelievable pace, as God continues to amaze us with the ease in which He accompl……

Ministry news update

I want to report an avalanche that hit my office recently. It is an avalanche of emails which I am finding difficult, if not impossible, to answer. Thank-you for your interest in ……

Another Masonic Lodge burns to the ground

Four days ago I posted a site showing a lot of Masonic Lodges being destroyed or burned.……

Army doctor reports that the vaxx kills and maims more soldiers than covid

This is a short 2-minute video.

Results of the Christmas Divine Court case

Our Divine Court case on December 25 was based on the spirit of child abuse that was seen in the actions of Pharaoh and Herod in past history. As I explained earlier, the wise men……

Birth of Satan celebrated in Illinois capitol rotunda Religious leaders and others in Illinois were outraged this we……

Another sports professional dies in his prime

I would guess he probably had been vaxxed, along with more than 100 other sports figures from around the world who have died recently—many of them on the field while playing their……

Creditors sue Evergrande for $13 billion for defaulting on payments

Evergrande, the huge real estate developer in China, has finally used up all of its grace periods. The credit ratings agencies have finally capitulated and downgraded Evergrande’s……

Reports surface on companies holding near-worthless Evergrande bonds

China’s giant real estate company, Evergrande, which owes about $305 billion, was unable to make a debt payment on November 6, 2021. But “anonymous sources” claimed that they did ……

Nurse testifies about the many vaxxed patients in hospitals

Here is a short 3-minute testimony from a nurse in Louisiana.……

Showing 51-60 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo