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Ronald Bernard killed [update]

NOTE: This story, posted earlier, is being disputed here. It is claimed that it was not Ronald Bernard who was killed, but a Mr. Fernandez.……

Harvey moving to New Orleans

Harvey has returned to tropical storm status as it moved back into the warm waters of the Gulf. The longer it stays there, the more water it picks up from the Gulf, depositing it ……

The descent into chaos

Hurricane Harvey seems to be the first major step into America’s descent into chaos. I was expecting to see some sort of event take place shortly after our August 23 prayer campai……

Breaking News: MSNBC tells the truth

This is a 5-minute video discussion that left me rather speechless. Are journalists finally becoming disgusted with liberal nonsense and stupidity? Is the Fakestream News Media……

The Still Report on Charlottesville

Witches still hexing Trump

A few months ago, we put out a prayer call for the president’s protection. If witches are organizing hexes against Trump, he can’t be all that bad.……


We went to Cloquet last Saturday and were gone the whole day. Today we have to be out of town again. Tomorrow we are planning another trip for a couple days out of state. ……

Mueller’s dishonest record framing people

The man charged with looking into the so-called “Russian collusion” between Donald Trump and Russia is hardly a man to be trusted. Robert Mueller was head of the FBI when he sent ……

Kings of the East

I don’t have anything new to report on the Kings of the East, but it is interesting that the term is being used in this news article. I wonder where they got that term? http://……

White House Bible studies

No wonder the media hates Trump. WASHINGTON – ……

Showing 921-930 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo