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Blog Category - Prayer Campaigns

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Model prayer for Renewing the Covenant prayer campaign

To be prayed on August 23, 2017. If you are seeing this later, you can still participate by asking God to make it retroactive to the appointed time. Main Scripture: Deut……

Prayer and Decree to close the portal of pedophilia

BOY’S TOWN WORK AND DECREE 08/20/2017 6:00 p.m. Boy’s Town in Omaha, Nebraska Wayne & BonnieLynn Knappick, Mike & Kathy Winchell Communion before breakfast. The Full A……

Divine Court work today and its results

Three of us met today at my office, along with six others by conference call (telephone) to go before the divine court. We started at 1:04 pm and ended at 1:25 pm. Our missio……

The seven Salems affected by the coming Eclipse

There are 7 cities called “Salem” that will be affected by the solar eclipse on August 21. ……

Preparing for a prayer campaign

Since the end of 2013 we have been expecting to see the fall of Mystery Babylon begin in late 2017. We are now almost at that point in time, and God has scheduled a prayer campaig……

Warfare with Hermann and Hermes

Yesterday, August 9, Chad, Brad, and I made a trip to New Ulm, Minnesota to deal with Hermann the German, or Hermann Deutsch, situated on the south bluff of the Minnesota River Va……

Wednesday warfare, no weblog

I will be out of town on Wednesday for some spiritual warfare and will give a report later.

Final Field Report from Sean and Paul

Background A general note: NYC is the place in early development of nation that many immigrated through Ellis Island, NYC is the seed of our nation, and it is where our nationa……

Vinnie's Canadian Trip Report

I received this trip report from brother Vinnie last week. Recall that he spent a month on the road doing street evangelism on the East Coast, New York, and Montreal. He includes ……

Field Report #6 from Sean and Paul

NYC Assignment Tuesday July 25th Part 1 Today is the day; I will put in place the legal case to bring destruction to the corrupt financial market and banking. More important……

Showing 31-40 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo