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Blog Category - Prophetic

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Ministry update

I talked with Pastor Fiaz in Pakistan this morning. He said to thank our donors for enabling him to print the tracts and books that he has translated into Urdu. He has translated ……

The rise of the house of David, part 4

In the months leading up to the Jubilee Prayer Campaign, God said to issue a call to muster the troops for spiritual warfare. In doing this, the Lord instructed me to require a ha……

The rise of the house of David, part 3

As early as November 8, 1990, God began to drop hints of a coming spiritual battle. I had asked Him what was to be done in order to obtain the full inheritance that He had for the……

The rise of the house of David, part 2

In the month after the death of “Saul,” I met many key people who would impact my life and the ministry in general over the years. We were drawn toward Washington state, and I dis……

The rise of the house of David, part 1

In the beginning, God established a three-fold plan to establish His Kingdom. While many Christians in the past two centuries have divided time into so-called “Dispensations,” I f……

The delayed calling, part 11

Jimmy Swaggart decided to remain in the ministry on October 17, 1991. He justified his decision by saying that the people who were listening to his messages needed to be fed with ……

The delayed calling, part 10

On May 28, 1991 God awoke me with a Word: “Study the laws of devotion.” I did so that morning and learned that anything “devoted” to God was His and could not be reclaimed by man ……

The delayed calling, part 9

Having finally resigned from the Net of Prayer, I came into obedience to the word of the Lord given to me in July 1986. This would allow me to leave Memphis (“Egypt”) a short time……

The delayed calling, part 8

The eight weeks that Darla was at the clinic left us with a debt of about $3,000, even though the doctor cut many corners to keep the bill as low as possible. The struggle to pay ……

The delayed calling, part 7

The day before These Stones prayer campaign, a storm swept through Memphis and warnings were issued to watch for tornados. The children in our neighborhood usually ran to our hous……

Showing 11-20 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo