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Blog Category - Prophetic

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New insights on cleansing the world

I have written recently in the November FFI and in other weblogs about the 7-year period from 2017-2024. The beginning and end are marked by solar eclipses whose paths intersect a……

Making your calling and election sure

Recently, I saw an article about Joe Biden winning Michigan by 144,000 votes, and this brought to the surface a revelation that had been stirring in my bones. We read in 2 Pete……

Prophetic work at Branson

My friend, Kim Chadwell was recently at Branson, Missouri to do a prophetic work there. Here is the video.

Exercising the Dominion Mandate

I have written often of the Dominion Mandate that God took away from the kings of Judah and gave to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, for a period of “seven times.” The 2020 e……

The midpoint between the two eclipses

A few weeks ago I wrote about the two solar eclipses, seven years apart, whose trajectories are forming a cross at Carbondale, Illinois. The first eclipse occurred on August ……

Chris Reed's Election Prophecy

It appears that the 2020 election will turn on events in Philadelphia, possibly on November 20. The link below is an interview with our friend, Pastor Chris Reed, who shares his r……

The New Prophetic Year 2021

It is now confirmed that the new Prophetic Year began on November 4, 2020 and will reach its climax on the eighth day of Tabernacles in 2021. For months I had suspected that ……

Dr Francis Myles explains how voting is a lawful agreement

Dr. Francis Myles has some very important insights that I had not understood before in regard to voting in elections. When we cast a vote, we are co-signing with a platform t……

Robert Henderson's four dreams about Donald Trump

Dr. Robert Henderson has great insights regarding the courts of heaven and also the Divine Council. These things were revealed to me toward the end of our Jubilee Prayer Campaign ……

Lois Vogel Sharp prophesies San Francisco earthquake after the election Pray about this, especially if you live in northern California. No specific time is given, so, if true, we cannot assume that this……

Showing 51-60 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo