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Blog Category - Prophetic

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Prophetic word from Lana Vawser on January 23, 2022

Lana Vawser, a prophet from Adelaide, South Australia, has also received a prophetic word about a great birthing that is taking place. This is what she sent out on January 23, 202……

A birthing is coming, says Bonnie Jones

Many of you know of the late prophet, Bob Jones. His widow is also prophetic and has picked up on the same birthing revelation that we have been praying about for more than a mont……

Prayers for the nations, part 5: Ukraine and Saudi Arabia

Prayer for Ukraine: Мы, народ Украіны, заяўляем, што Гасподзь - наш Бог і іншага няма! Яго праўда вызваліла нас ад усялякага рабства. Мы не будзем слухаць хлусню, бо наш Бог ца……

Kylie Jenner has fallen from dizzy heights

For some reason, God has picked Kylie Jenner out to be a prophetic type of Babylon that is falling. Revelation 18:20, says, 20 Then a strong angel took up a stone like a great……

Prayer over the waters of the earth

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The State of the Nation

God is instructing us to post this “State of the Nation” address for the USA. Please play the recorded message over America. A rough transcript is included so that you may read/sp……

Prayers for the nations, part 4, additional prayers

Below we've posted additional recordings for the nations from Bradley Tyler. If you want to view all recordings that have been posted for the nations, you can find all of them, in……

Veronika West prophesies redemption and restoration of the nations

Protection prayers

Last night I received the prayer of protection from friends (co-workers) in Canada. We have been working together on the prayer campaign (January 22-29), and the protection prayer……

Travailing to bring forth a Son

Behind the scenes, I have been participating in a prayer campaign with two couples in Canada. It has not been necessary to broaden this to include everyone else, as the Lord has i……

Showing 51-60 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo