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Blog Category - Prophetic

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July Watch Dates

Ever since the revelation 30 years ago, "July is like September," we have watched the month of July for signs of what would develop in September. (This was not my revelation, but ……

July 9-15 and the Barley Connection

This past week I have had some random thoughts that the dinar revaluation might occur from July 9-15. I had no solid reason to think so up to now. The only connection was from ……

Iraq, dinars, and Spiritual Warfare

I notice today that someone has posted a slightly modified version of my Jan. 8, 2011 web log on the Dinar Daddy site. (Scroll down to the "Members" se……

Emerging Patterns from 1989 and 1997

It appears that Iraq is finally ready to make the necessary changes in its currency by the end of June. Alsumaria News from Baghdad wrote on June 23, Salih stressed that the "……

A Split Pentecost this year?

We received subtle verifications of the importance of Pentecost yesterday, but nothing really unusual or "big." Last night, however, the Lord began to show me a new factor that……

The Rapture seems to be postponed

I am in Nebraska with friends to discern and discuss prophetic things. No, this is NOT a Rapture party, nor is it a Rapture Watch. It is now ten minutes past the moment of Doom……

Selection of the lamb for the second Passover

In the unfolding scenario surrounding the Second Passover, we are now able to start connecting the dots. Last night at our Bible Study, it occurred to us that May 14 was the 10th ……

Peter Nimrod heads the Mississippi Levee Board

The Mississippi River delta has been compared historically to the Nile River delta in Egypt. Hence we see all the cities in the area named after cities in Egypt. Memphis, TN C……

Flooding in the American Egypt

In Psalm 19:1 we are told that "the heavens declare the glory of God." Even as the heavens declared the sign of the coming of Christ to the magi, so also do other signs point to o……

End of 76 Days Report

Each year the Prophetic Year begins some time after the feast of Tabernacles. This current Prophetic Year began on November 21 with our Declaration of Identity, identifying oursel……

Showing 621-630 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo