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Blog Category - Prophetic

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The Disposal of Pan in Ancient Church History

In Book IV of Lessons from Church History, at the end of chapter 11, "The Valerian Persecution," I wrote about how a Christian visited Caesarea Philippi and saw how the people wor……

Confronting the Two Bears

Today is the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. It is a day that the Lord pointed out on May 10 while we were in Nebraska. It is 42 days from May 10 and is a major step……

Competing Beasts Prepare the Way for the Kingdom

The current financial crisis, I believe, is a primary symptom of the collapse of Mystery Babylon. I have written often of this. However, the mechanism of this collapse appears to ……

A Prophetic Dream Being Fulfilled Now?

On Feb. 6, 1986 I had a dream that I actually remembered. I seldom get significant dreams. I can count the significant dreams on one hand. But this was one that I wrote down becau……

Prophetic Time Connections to 1929

On 2/25/09 in the Weblog entitled: That Great Citi Pronounced Dead, I wrote: It may be that March 4, 2009 will prove to be the key date in our Citibank watch. This date is ……

The Sign of Samuel

I wrote yesterday about the sign of Samuel in the story of King Saul, who consulted the witch of En-dor just before he died. There is more to the story. I received an email fro……

Fasting Results--A Double Witness Report

Anthony Dioka, who works for the U.N. in Nigeria, wrote this today . . . . Evening of 8 and morning of 9 February: It was an all out war all through the night. In a dream,……

Results of the Time of Fasting

At the beginning of the recent time of fasting (Feb. 1-7), the Father said that the event on the Feb. 9 watch day would "not be dramatic" in its manifestation. So I did not expect……

Fast Days #3 and #4

Late night on Feb. 2, I received an additional Word from the Lord in regard to this present time of fasting. 1. Psalm 97:11 (for the overcomers) "Light is sown like seed for th……

Fast Day #2

This is the second day of a week-long fast that parallels a similar fast from Feb. 1-7, 1983. The watch date given to me two nights ago was February 9. This morning I was able ……

Showing 631-640 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo