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Blog Category - Prophetic

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Prayers for the nations, part 3, new prayers for all

Decades ago, I began praying that God would raise up in our midst all of the fivefold ministry. I was painfully aware that my calling as a teacher was only the “little finger” on ……

The spirit of Rabshakah

Today has another very full schedule, but I have few moments to share a few items of interest. God has revealed another problem that we need to resolve. He calls it the spirit ……

Veronika West prophesies to the nations Veronika’s revelations over the years have tracked closely with what we have been seeing as well. In the link above, she is interv……

Prayers for the nations, part 2, Norway

The Lord has reminded us to include Norway in the prayer for redemption. If there are believers in Norway who read my reports, I ask you to play this recorded prayer over your nat……

Update on Kingdom Building

Thank-you for upholding us in prayer and for praying the suggested prayer (weblog dated January 12). This weekend has been a prophetic type of the feast of Passover with some……

Selecting the Lamb on 1/10

I have been writing recently about some remarkable revelations being communicated in South Africa. Many of these are written messages, which is not unprecedented in Scripture but ……

Prophetic declaration for South Africa

Here is the word of the Lord dictated to the prophet in South Africa. The first is addressed to South Africa itself, while the second is a message to Donald Trump, if he should he……

Signs of Destruction of the old New World Order as the Kingdom emerges

Australia On December 29, 2021 people protesting the vaxx requirements and lockdowns accidentally set fire to the front door of the Australian Old Parliament House in Canberra……

Prophecy for South Africa

Progress report on the Kingdom

On December 25th I met with (online) two couples from Canada to issue a Contempt of Court citation against Mystery Babylon’s leaders who had refused to relinquish power after the ……

Showing 61-70 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo