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New Books Available in Hungarian

The Hungarian versions of The Barley Overcomers and The Purpose of Resurrection are now available. Go to Teachings > Translated Books to view them now, or just click here, then……

New Instructions: Donating via Credit Card

New instructions have been added for donating via credit card. You can find these instructions on the Donate page, here.

Issues with site updates - you may experience temporary slower speeds

A recent site update left the footers of the site void of content. In order to fix this, we have had to revert the site to a slightly older version. No content was lost, but you m……

Periodic site updates this week, with intermittent brief downtime - Please read.

We will be performing periodic site updates over the course of this week to improve the performance of the site. There are possibilities of intermittent downtime; if this happens,……

Added a Statement of Beliefs

As a result of requests we've received from new visitors, we have added a general statement of beliefs, which you can find under the "About" tab in the header navigation.

Changed site wide link colors

All of the links in the site (other than the header and footer links) have been altered. Before, they were difficult to see clearly, so we have now made them blue and not underlin……

New donation option available: Automatic Recurring Monthly Donations

We now offer the option to set up a subscription for an Automatic Recurring Monthly Donation using PayPal. We are looking into more payment service providers to offer even more……

Changes to global footer and blog post header

We have removed the old email button in the footer, and replaced it with another one, which is located on the far right column in the footer, underneath the Facebook icon (the blu……

Added Videos Page

We have added a videos page that contains links to sources of videos of God's Kingdom Ministries. The Videos page is located under Teachings in the header navigation.

Blog Archive revamped for speed.

The blog archive pages (2005-2012) have been revamped to greatly improve speed. They now contain links to each of the individual months, which will take you to a page that has all……

Showing 111-120 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo