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Blog Category - Trip Reports

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On the road

I am currently travelling out of state. I will try to post weblogs as I can.

On the road

We are on the road, heading for Manassas, VA for the conference. I will try to write blogs as I have time. Today's blog was written at the motel in Ohio this evening.

The Revelation of Manasseh at St. Louis

We got back last night from the St. Louis conference. Other than being a little tired from all of the late-night fellowship, followed by the long drive home, we are doing well. ……

The Climax of Operation Jericho

Operation Jericho finished with a long, loud shout yesterday at the steps of the Capitol building in St. Paul, MN. The only surprise was that this shout overthrew the spirit of……

Pictures of the Fishing Trip

2011 Fishing Trip Click on the picture to see larger images. You can also view full screen on the page you are taken to.

Fishing Trip Report

We got back from our vacation fishing trip last night. Being 1800 emails behind, I should let you know that if I don't get to answer your email, please don't take it personally. I……

A Delay in sending out the Apostles

We got back this afternoon from our little vacation trip to the Apostle Islands. It is now plain that the Lord sent us there to get some revelation. The Apostle Islands had gal……

Trip Report

Yesterday morning we were led to pray for the protection of the overcomers. This was a few hours before the tornadoes struck Joplin and other places. A tornado also hit Fridley……

I am on the road again

I am heading toward Pensacola to meet with Brother Vinnie's house church. First meeting is Saturday evening. We plan to meet for four evenings Saturday through Tuesday eve. If you……

First Day Report

Our first day of meetings in San Francisco have gone very well. The first meeting started shortly after the tsunami from Japan came ashore at San Francisco. On the coast at nearby……

Showing 101-110 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo