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Blog Category - Trip Reports

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Pics from 2019 Australia Trip, Part 2

Note from GKM Admin: Dr. Jones sent some more pictures from his trip in Australia that he wanted to be posted to the blog. These were sent through text, with his comments as well.……

Pics from Australia

Dr. Jones sent some pictures from Australia to be posted while he is on his trip. He is still on his trip, and wont be back for another 2 weeks or so. Click on any image to e……

From Australia, the meetings near Brisbane

We just completed three days of very good meetings in Australia, first in Warwick and then in the small community of Kalbar. We had 25 people attending regularly and have gotten t……

1000 Word Commentary On The Joseph Conference Aftermath

Picture was taken from Joseph's backyard Joseph's comment , "Very unusual, never seen one like it."

Joseph Conference Report

The Joseph Conference in San Diego brought about 120 people to the hotel, and the room was quite filled to capacity with room for only a few more. The thought has occurred to……

Travel Update

We are about half way to San Diego now. The timing of our trip so far has worked out perfectly, dodging storms with such precision that we ourselves could never have done on ou……

Scouting Trip Monday

Our trip to Australia and New Zealand in Feb-March will be a teaching tour. In my last weblog I may have given the impression that this was to be a vacation. We will no doubt see ……

Letter from Brother Vinnie

Dear family, friends and fellow Kingdom builders, We are in the final stretch of this long (four month), amazing, challenging and glorious journey. For those who might be re……

Report from Brother Vinnie

(I received this report from Vinnie yesterday. As you will see, he and his family are back from their trip to Italy. They are planning to visit us in a couple of weeks.) Dear f……

Report from Brother Vinnie

As many of you know, brother Vinnie and his family have been on the road for the past month. My last report from Vinnie was posted on June 29. They first went from Florida to Alas……

Showing 11-20 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo