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The Foundation For Intercession (FFI) is a monthly news letter produced by Stephen Jones.  You can view each newsletter online by selecting one of the issues below. If you wish to be added to our Newsletter list, please click the "Subscribe" button below.

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Zionism in Bible Prophecy - Part 3 Jewish Terrorism

Date: 06/01/2002 Issue Number: 162

Modern Zionism began primarily as a nationalistic movement to obtain political power in Palestine. But the 1967 war, when the Israelis took control of Jerusalem and the West Bank, sparked a type of secular messianism that had lingered just under the surface. It is a peculiar belief of messianism that is held by atheistic Jews who dominate the Israeli government even today. It is the belief that the Jewish people collectively are its own messiah. Jewish opinion is divided on this subject. But this is the politica…

Zionism in Bible Prophecy - Part 2 Beginnings of Zionism

Date: 05/15/2002 Issue Number: 161

We showed in part one of this series how the divine law clearly states that Israel’s right to be in the Promised Land was contingent upon their obedience to God and His law. Because they continually refused to be obedient, God Himself “sold” Israel into the hands of foreign nations all through the book of Judges. Yet because they were allowed to remain in the land, it was merely a wooden yoke put upon them. Only centuries later did God finally begin to impose upon them the “yoke of iron&rdq…

Zionism in Bible Prophecy - Part 1 Two Trees of Judah

Date: 05/01/2002 Issue Number: 160

In the light of current events, with the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis out of control, it is needful to inform you how the situation developed and why. Even more important, we must see how Zionism is prophesied in the Bible and what God thinks of it. In our last series on “Who’s Who in Prophecy,” we showed that Esau’s descendants (the nation of Edom, or Idumea) were forcibly converted to Judaism in 126 B.C. when John Hyrcanus conquered them and gave them a choice of con…

Who's Who in Prophecy, Jacob-Israel - Part 2

Date: 04/01/2002 Issue Number: 159

In this bulletin we will show how God first gave both Israel and Judah the opportunity to carry His glory, the ark of the covenant. God always gives the flesh the first opportunity. We will then show how they both failed, even as the flesh always does. Finally, we will show how God brought forth the real plan, one which will succeed in bringing His glory into all the earth as God vowed to do in Num. 14:21, saying, 21 But indeed, as I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord. God’s Glo…

Who's Who in Prophecy, Jacob-Israel - Part 1

Date: 03/01/2002 Issue Number: 158

Jacob was not born an Israelite. He had to “earn it” the hard way. God did not call him Israel until he was 98 years old and had become the kind of person that fit the name. The first usage of this name Israel is not racial, national, political, or religious. It has to do with character and relationship with God. The name was also meant to be a testimony or a witness to the sovereignty of God and all of its implications. Israel means “God rules.” As Dr. Bullinger says in his notes on Gen. 3…

Who's Who in Prophecy, Esau - Part 3

Date: 02/01/2002 Issue Number: 157

The story of Jacob and Esau is a complex set of prophetic events centering on their character and their actions. It is not a subject that has been taught in the Church except in small groups. Most of what has been taught has been from the assumption that the Jews are Jacob and perhaps the Palestinians are Esau. I recall in 1978 when Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin made peace with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat. A radio “Bible Questions and Answers” minister, Dr. Benjamin Morris, praised this peace trea…

Who's Who in Prophecy, Esau - Part 2

Date: 01/01/2002 Issue Number: 156

We have showed so far that there have always been a number of contenders for the land of Palestine. If we define Zionism as the belief that God has given certain people title to the land, then we see that Ishmael, Esau, and Jacob all claim that right. Trying to sort it out with justice to all is a major task that is beyond the capability of virtually all world leaders today. In Genesis 21:9-13 we read about how Ishmael was in conflict with Isaac over the birthright, and this is confirmed in Galatians 4:28-30. We r…

Who's Who in Prophecy, Esau - Part 1

Date: 12/01/2001 Issue Number: 155

Understanding Esau—who he is and how his life has affected modern history—is of utmost importance in the study of Bible prophecy. To treat this important subject in a single bulletin is not possible, so this will be part one. The descendants of Esau were called various names in the Bible. The first name was Edom, which means “red,” as we read in Genesis 25:30 in the NASB, 30 and Esau said to Jacob, "Please let me have a swallow of that red stuff there, for I am famished." Therefo…

Who's Who in Prophecy - Ishmael

Date: 11/01/2001 Issue Number: 154

The time has come for the Church to understand (from the biblical perspective) who the major players are in the world today. This study is intended to help Christians see how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled today. Many think they already know. It is my belief that relatively few really understand who today is represented by Ishmael, Esau, and Israel. For this reason we intend to devote three bulletins to these three men whose lives have changed history. Ishmael is perhaps the most complex of the three. He repres…

A Short History of Tribulation - Part 6 Usurping and Betrayal

Date: 10/01/2001 Issue Number: 153

We ended last time with a brief study of the mystery of iniquity (lawlessness) contrasted with the mystery of godliness. We showed that the mystery of godliness had to do with accepting Jesus Christ as King, believing in Him, and being indwelt by the Holy Spirit. The mystery of godliness is, in essence, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” On the other side, the mystery of lawlessness involves the rejection of Jesus Christ as King, NOT believing in Him, and refusing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It…

A Short History of Tribulation - Part 5 Two Jerusalems

Date: 09/01/2001 Issue Number: 152

One cannot understand the concept of tribulation in the Bible without seeing it in the context of Jerusalem. Nor can one understand the fulfillment of prophecy without seeing that there are two Jerusalems: the old Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem. This distinction makes it possible to understand the seeming contradiction between biblical statements of blessings and curses upon Jerusalem. In Isaiah 62 we read a prime example of “Jerusalem” in a favorable light. 1 For Zion's sake I will not keep sile…

A Short History of Tribulation - Part 4 Purpose of Israeli State

Date: 08/01/2001 Issue Number: 151

Tribulation has come and will again come upon the city of Jerusalem. This is clearly prophesied in Scripture. In our previous bulletin we showed how God was to treat Jerusalem in the same manner as He did with Shiloh—the first place where God put His name. The first round of tribulation came when God raised up the Babylonians to burn the temple and destroy the city and its walls during the days of Jeremiah. However, this did not completely fulfill the prophecy. After a 70-year captivity in Babylon, a remnant…

Showing 253-264 of 285