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FFI Newsletter

The Foundation For Intercession (FFI) is a monthly news letter produced by Stephen Jones.  You can view each newsletter online by selecting one of the issues below. If you wish to be added to our Newsletter list, please click the "Subscribe" button below.

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The Second Coming of Jesus and Judas - Part 5 Man of Sin

Date: 05/01/2000 Issue Number: 136

There is only one Church, but it is developing in three stages throughout history. Stage One began with Moses and ended with Jesus. I call it the Passover Church, because it really began at the first Passover, when Israel was called out of Egypt, and it ended at the Cross, when Jesus was crucified at Passover. In Stage One, Israel was "the Church in the wilderness" (Acts 7:38), because "the Church" means the called-out ones. Israel was called out of Egypt. Between the Cross and the day of Pente…

The Second Coming of Jesus and Judas - Part 4 Usurping the Birthright

Date: 04/01/2000 Issue Number: 135

There were two Judases in the New Testament, one good and one not so good. Judas Iscariot, as we have seen, betrayed Jesus. The other Judas was Jesus' half-brother along with James (Matt. 13:55; Mark 6:3). The writer of the book of Jude identifies himself in verse 1 in this way: 1 Jude, a bond-servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to those who are the called, beloved in God the Father, and kept for Jesus Christ. This good Jude (short for Judas) considered himself to be a bond-servant to his older hal…

The Second Coming of Jesus and Judas - Part 3 The Betrayer

Date: 03/01/2000 Issue Number: 134

It has been assumed by most Bible teachers that apostasia refers to an apostasy in the sense of a falling away from the truth. This is generally connected to the man of sin being revealed, as if to say that the forsaking of the truth brings about the manifestation of the man of sin, i.e., the antichrist. I disagree with this completely. First of all, the so-called "apostasy" is a divorcement, a CASTING AWAY, not a "falling away." Secondly, Paul is telling us that the man of sin is going to be U…

The Second Coming of Jesus and Judas - Part 2 Temple Veils

Date: 02/01/2000 Issue Number: 133

Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians speaks of the unveiling of Jesus Christ as well as the unveiling of the man of sin, the son of perdition. We are studying three questions about the unveiling of Jesus Christ. The first question is, "What is the meaning of revealed?" The second question is, "Who are the mighty angels in 2 Thessalonians 1:7?" The third question is, "Is Christ to be revealed IN or WITH these mighty angels?" Unveiling the Temple In Part 1 we showed that t…

The Second Coming of Jesus and Judas - Part 1 The Real Rapture

Date: 01/01/2000 Issue Number: 132

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 is a Bible passage that many teachers have taught from their own perspective. Their conclusions are quite different from mine, because they are expecting a rapture of the church, followed by a seven-year tribulation period, during which time an "antichrist" will take over the world and persecute 144,000 Jewish evangelists. This basic assumption has caused many Christians to believe that the "man of sin" is the antichrist, and that he will build a Jewish temple in Jerusale…

Two Jerusalems

Date: 12/01/1999 Issue Number: 131

There is an earthly struggle between the old and the new Jerusalems. The struggle broke onto the surface after Pentecost in Acts 2, and it primarily manifested in the persecution of the early Church. The purpose of this issue of the FFI is to give an overview of this struggle and to show the relationship between these two Jerusalems. Where God Puts His Name The divine law did not specify any particular location where God would put His name, but He did say many times that the feast days were to be kept in the pl…

The Kingdom's Progress

Date: 11/01/1999 Issue Number: 130

Since the beginning of time, God has been training a priesthood for the Age of Tabernacles that is nearly ready to begin. We call these people "overcomers" or the "barley company." (See our book, The Barley Overcomers.) They can also be referred to as "the remnant." No matter what term we use, one thing is certain: they are a priesthood that are trained by God to minister to the world. The Levitical priesthood under Moses was an imperfect model of the Melchisedec priesthood. It is not…

Showing 277-283 of 283