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  • Dr Jane Ruby shows us photos of the blood of vaxxed people

    Dr. Jane Ruby tells us what a person’s blood looks like after getting the vax. Doctors are saying that the blood is being poisoned. It is no wonder people are getting heart attacks, strokes, and other things as a result of the vax. If you have had th... Read More

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  • Dr. Mikovitz explains how covid-19 was manufactured

    Dr. Mikovitz worked as a virologist at Fort Detrick, MD. She knew Dr. Fauci personally and knew how corrupt he was. She says her vaccine is in her pocket: Ivermectin, HCQ, and other things. She says: “The healthy people need to know only one thing:... Read More

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  • Dr. Zelensky explains the "poison death shot"

    Dr. Zelensky is a very prominent doctor whose patients include presidents and famous men from around the world. He tells us that this is World War III and is the biggest threat to humanity in history. Here he explains this to three Jewish rabbis from the... Read More

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  • Armageddon, part 3

    Series: Armageddon - King Josiah fought a significant battle in the plain of Megiddo which, on a secondary level, speaks into the prophecy found in Revelation 16:16 at the battle of Armageddon. It is a sad story, because Josiah was a godly king who failed to hear the word of t... Read More

    11 - 14 min read
  • CDC tells vaxxed people to wear mask to avoid spreading the so-called “covid variant”

    CDC tells vaxxed people to wear mask to avoid spreading the so-called “covid variant.” Vaxxed people are now the superspreaders, but yet they try to tell us that unvaxxed people are the cause of the pandemic! There is some serious mental illnes... Read More

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