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  • Personal health update

    If you have been following my reports for the last 6 months, you know that I was diagnosed with diabetic amyotrophy, a rare condition that affects less than one percent of diabetics. In this nerve condition, the muscles are affected and begin to atrophy fo... Read More

    2 - 3 min read
  • Health report

    I had a doctor's appointment today which took up my time this afternoon. So no weblog today. My condition is largely the same. Nothing new to report. Please continue to pray that my leg strength will return and that all nerve damage will be healed. Thank-y... Read More

    < 1 min read
  • An antidote to covid-19

    Some have asked me for more information regarding the prevention and/or treatment for covid and/or the cure for the so-called "vaccine." I find the following information to be of interest. https://rumble.com/v3ln577-the-antidote-the-explosive-truth-origin-... Read More

    < 1 min read
  • Confessions of a Big Pharma drug salesman

    This is in English but comes with Spanish subtitles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gJTuxurtRA  ... Read More

    < 1 min read
  • Dr. Zelenko's covid prevention protocol

    Here is where you can order Dr. Zelenko’s protocol for covid prevention. https://zstacklife.com/?ref=x22 If you want to listen to a longer interview with Dr. Zelenko, which is very enlightening, you can listen here: https://x22report.com/aiovg_vid... Read More

    1 min read

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