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  • New Book Available -- Key Words in the Bible

    Note from GKM Admin: When this blog was initially posted, the title was mistakenly copied from the previous book release (Kingdom Vision). Email notifications sent out will contain the wrong title, but this is the correct post for the new book of Key Words... Read More

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    1 - 2 min read
  • Tract Rework - Audio Readings Available!

    Hey everyone! Some of you probably noticed that we released a rework of the Tracts section of GKM about a week ago. This includes both a visual rework and the addition of audio readings of the content, so now you can listen to the tracts online! Huge thank... Read More

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    1 - 2 min read
  • GKM Website Update - What's Changed

    Hey everyone! With the launch of the mass site rework that we announced in this blog post, we have revamped a vast majority of the website, incorporating new ways of finding existing content while also suggesting randomized content that you may not have se... Read More

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    8 - 10 min read
  • Massive Site Update this Wednesday

    Hey everyone! We have been working diligently over the past year on a complete rebuild of the GKM Website on a new platform, along with a massive visual update, and paving the way for many new features in the future! We will be launching this new platform... Read More

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    4 - 5 min read
  • Security updates complete

    Our host has finished with the security updates on the GKM Website, so there shouldn't be any more downtime. We had about a 10 hour period where the site was offline this morning due to complications during the updates. We were up late talking with th... Read More

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