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  • Latest FFI newsletter has been posted

    The latest FFI (foundation for Intercession) newsletter titled, The Journey to the Kingdom, has been posted. You can find it here... Read More

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  • Regarding Bigpond Email Users

    We have received some complaints from readers that utilize bigpond email service who have not been receiving notifications of new blog posts. This appears to be partially caused by the way that bigpond filters out emails that it identifies as potential spa... Read More

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    2 min read
  • Problems with FFI Subscription Form Resolved

    Hey Everyone! We have recently had some issues come up with our FFI Subscription form, and we just got them resolved as of yesterday. We're not sure how long this problem has been persisting as we just found out about it recently. If you have subscribed to... Read More

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  • Email Delivery Issues

    We've had several users report issues with no longer receiving email notifications of new blog posts. Along with this, our own internal notification emails have been having issues as well. We are looking into this more in depth, but wanted to let everyone... Read More

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  • New Book Available -- Key Words in the Bible

    Note from GKM Admin: When this blog was initially posted, the title was mistakenly copied from the previous book release (Kingdom Vision). Email notifications sent out will contain the wrong title, but this is the correct post for the new book of Key Words... Read More

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