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The Burning Bush International Bible Institute (BBIBI) is a Bible School built off of the materials written by Dr. Stephen Jones of God's Kingdom Ministries, designed to teach the Scriptures in order to set forth Kingdom Culture as an alternative to existing secular, religious, and denominational cultures.

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About The School

This is a Bible School, not a Liberal Arts College.

While there are many other studies that are important, our main purpose is to teach the Scriptures in order to set forth Kingdom Culture as an alternative to all existing secular, religious, and denominational cultures.

It is not our purpose to Americanize anyone, but to teach everyone the laws of the Kingdom and the way of life that is righteous in the eyes of God. Understanding Kingdom culture requires a complete study of the Scriptures: the law, the prophets, the psalms, the gospels, and the epistles.

In short, this is ministerial training. The bulk of this school will focus on bringing students into a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ and the way of life that He exemplified on the earth. We understand, of course, that Bible study alone is insufficient, for we are all hindered by our culture and our traditions which all contain flaws. In addition, we are all blind to varying degrees from wrong decisions and actions from our forefathers. It is our hope that the Holy Spirit will be our guide and will lead us into all truth (John 16:13).


The purpose of God is to beget sons and to bring them into spiritual maturity by means of five main ministry gifts: evangelists, pastors, teachers, prophets, and apostles. We have taken these five ministry gifts as an outline for the courses of Bible study in this School. Each student will learn something about all of the gifts, but in the end, each will have to know his or her particular calling. Our purpose is to equip those who are ministering with a knowledge of the Word, so that each will be more effective in fulfilling his or her calling.

Module 1: Evangelism Studies

The first course of study is designed to study God’s design and purpose for creating all things and mankind in particular. The foundational truth of Scripture is that God is the Sovereign Creator who owns and is ultimately responsible for all that He has created. This course will span all time from creation through the time of sin in history, and finally to the culmination of history in the restoration of all things, when all things come under the feet of Christ.

While sin is certainly a problem that has caused a long detour, we need to see that God is not a loser in any way. We will study His plan to save the world and see that success comes not by man’s will or decision (by means of the Old Covenant) but by God’s own will and decision (by means of the New Covenant).

Module Curriculum

Cost of physical copies of Module 1 books: $40.49
Module 1 Supplemental Content

Module 2: Pastoral Studies

The goal of these Pastoral Studies is to equip pastors, primarily by imparting an understanding of the word. Paul’s first epistle to the Corinthians was Paul’s most informative letter to pastors and elders of the church. A large part of this focused upon their role in setting up a divine court to deal with problems of immorality in the church. To hear and try cases with biblical justice (and mercy) requires an understanding of biblical law, as well as the ability to hear God’s voice in order to understand and apply the law by direct revelation.

To impart hope in the hearts of the congregation, Pastors and elders also should have a comprehension of the first and second comings of Christ and how these are prophesied through the feast days. The feasts were instituted in the time of “the church in the wilderness” (Acts 7:38), which presented the first pattern of the church itself. Knowing the problems of that first church enables the present-day church to learn from Israel’s mistakes.

Module 3: Teacher Studies

The purpose of these Teacher Studies is to equip teachers through a study of the great doctrines of the New Testament (rooted in the Old Testament). We begin with a study of the gospels, using Luke as the primary model, and then move into the epistles. Paul’s great theological epistle was to the Saints in Rome, where he shows the place of law and grace, the love of God and the restoration of all things, and then moves to a discussion of Israel’s relation to the world.

Because so many have thought the epistles of Paul and James were antagonistic, we study both in order to get a better understanding of law and grace. We also study Galatians in order to know how to avoid returning to the bondage of the Old Covenant that was inherent in Judaism.

We round off these studies with studies in the Psalms and the meaning of numbers, which every teacher ought to know.

Module Curriculum

Cost of physical copies of Module 3 books: $181
Module 3 Supplemental Content

Module 4: Prophetic Studies

The purpose of these Prophetic Studies is to equip prophets of all kinds with the knowledge of the word. The word is the record of past prophetic revelation, and any further prophecy must not contradict that which God has given in the past. To understand past prophecy is to prophesy within the framework of the overall revelation of God. That which has already been revealed—and has stood the test of time—is a hedge of protection from other voices which would lead prophets astray.

We begin with an overall study of history from Adam to the present day, which presents the sovereignty of God in history through a knowledge of the laws of time and judgment. From there we study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, which are like two halves of a book of prophecy. One cannot truly understand the book of Revelation without first studying Daniel. Neither is the book of Daniel complete without studying the book of Revelation. We then finish with an end-time study of spiritual warfare and intercession since 1981, as this shows the manner in which God is preparing the world for the Kingdom of God in the Age to come.

Module Curriculum

Cost of physical copies of Module 4 books: $171
Module 4 Supplemental Content

Module 5: Apostolic Studies

The purpose of these Apostolic Studies is to show first how Paul’s second epistle to the Corinthians gives a prime example of the use of apostolic authority. Paul was an apostle to the Corinthian church, but some questioned his apostolic credentials. Some also questioned his right to act as an appeals court judge and to review the moral case that the church elders had judged.

To be a more effective apostle, one should also be equipped with some knowledge of church history. They should know how the church departed from its original purity, so that those problems can be corrected in the present time.

We anticipate that this course of study will be followed by practical experience. The manner of practical experience will depend upon each persons’ calling, as it is our goal to assist each person in his/her calling, not to force them into a role that suits us. Some may also be sent to other locations or to other countries to minister to existing churches or establish new ministries elsewhere.

Module Curriculum

Cost of all module books: $140