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Christian Zionism: How Deceived Can You Get?

History and Prophecy

Zionism is proving to be a nightmare on the international scene. What if it isn't the fulfillment of Bible prophecies regarding the regathering of the house of Israel? No one can understand the Zionist state without first knowing the history of Esau, whose descendants were known as Edomites. There are many prophecies about Edom (or Idumea) about his desire to return to the land that he lost to Jacob. These prophecies are almost entirely ignored or forgotten, because there is no longer any nation known as Edom. It disappeared after the Edomites were conquered by Judah in 126 B.C. at which time the Edomites were converted to Judaism. Since that merger, the Jews have had two streams of prophecy to fulfill. We show in our book that Zionism fulfills the Edomite side of world Jewry.

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Christian Zionism: How Deceived Can You Get?

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Christian Zionism

How Deceived Can You Get?

By Dr. Stephen E. Jones & John Tyler

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