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  • The world fights back against the Woke agenda

    People from around the world are rising up against the Woke agenda. Don't let the media tell you that Woke is the future that is being accepted universally. Uganda has passed stringent laws outlawing gay agendas and gay behavior. https://www.npr.org/2023/0... Read More

    < 1 min read
  • Germany officially goes into recession

    https://www.reuters.com/markets/europe/germany-enters-recession-2023-05-25/ BERLIN, May 25 (Reuters) - The German economy was in recession in early 2023 after household spending in Europe's economic engine finally succumbed to the pressure of high inflati... Read More

    2 min read
  • Targeting Target

    Back in the 1980’s, I noticed that Target was a big contributor to Planned Parenthood and supported abortions, while Walmart contributed to pro-life projects. (That was before Sam Walton died.) Now we are seeing Target supporting the “Woke&rdqu... Read More

    1 - 2 min read
  • America in distress

    On May 16, 2023 an upside down flag (“distress” signal) was flown over the Senate building in Washington D.C. I wonder who did that. It is clear that someone was sending a warning to the country. https://twitter.com/DC_Draino/status/16585350581... Read More

    1 min read
  • The Durham report

    The long-awaited Durham report (300 pages) about the Russia hoax has finally been released. https://billingsreport.com/durham-report-finds-that-fbi-was-biased-against-trump-should-never-have-opened-russian-collusion-investigation/ Special Counsel John D... Read More

    2 min read

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