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We have two mottos:

Serious Bible Study
Truth in Love

This site is very large, because we have posted the contents of all of our books, so that they may be read online free of charge.

This site is not designed to evangelize unbelievers. It is designed to teach the Scriptures to those who already believe and want to learn the foundations and goals of their faith. Our goal is to help people grow spiritually “to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fulness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

We believe that every believer has a calling that falls into one of the general categories of the five-fold ministry listed in Ephesians 4:11: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Before anyone can be truly effective in one’s calling, it is necessary to learn and to grow into some level of spiritual maturity. While we cannot train people by life experience—God trains each person directly by Himself—we offer training in the knowledge of the Word, so that everyone can be more effective in whatever callings they may have.

What is your purpose and goal? If your goal is simply to “be saved” (justified by faith), then you may have little or no need for this site. But if your goal is to grow into spiritual maturity by the study of the Word and to gain understanding of the mind of God through Christ, I believe we have much to offer. We teach what we believe seminaries and Bible Colleges (and even churches) ought to teach, with the exception of Hebrew and Greek language, which we are not equipped to teach at this time. The main difference is that we do this with very little cost to you.

Though we do accept donations, we offer everything free of charge to read online and never solicit donations beyond having a simple “Donation” button on the front page of our website. Our donors are the ones who make this all possible, because they desire to help others grow and learn. Our books are copyrighted only to prevent others from using them for commercial purposes to make money. Our copyrights should not be understood as a personal restriction, as we want everyone to have full access to the biblical knowledge contained in the books.

Though we have a mailing list, we have no memberships, nor do we claim to be “the true church.” We point to Christ alone, and pray that everyone asks Him to enroll their names in “the General Assembly and Church of the First-born” in heaven (Hebrews 12:23).

How to navigate this site

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Every section of this site is accessible through the Header Nav. All of the primary Header Nav items and their sub-items are clickable, and will take you to that section of the site upon clicking them. There are many Instructions written to help with questions regarding usage of this site; if you find something that you think should be added to the Instructions, or need help with something that is not answered in the Instructions page, feel free to send us a ticket at our Support Desk.

Below is an outline of the primary sections of the site.

Blog - If you click on the Blog item, you will be taken to a list of the most recent blog posts from Dr. Jones. You can click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the list to view older posts. The sub-item "The Daily List" is the same as "Blog" so no matter which one you click on, you will be taken to the same place.

Blog Series - This section contains groups of blog posts that were written in Dr. Jones' blog, and needed to be spread out over multiple parts. Some of these are made into books, while others are kept as stand-alone Blog Series.

Blog Archive - If you click on the Blog Archive under the Blog header item, you will be taken to a list of years containing blog posts. You can click on a blog year to view all posts for that year, organized by month.


Studies - This is a primary Header Nav item that contains all of the subsections for all of Dr. Jones' various material. If you click on Studies in the Header Nav, you will be taken to an index page containing links to each of the subsections.

Books - This section contains all of Dr. Jones books, available to read for free online. You can also purchase the book in print from the GKM Store. Some books are available in multiple languages, but all books are available in English.

Tracts - This section contains all of the tracts that Dr. Jones has written, available to read for free online, or to purchase in print.

Videos - This section contains links to various videos, including Conferences, and links to the GKM YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Audios - This section contains audios of various teachings. The entire list of audios is going to be completely reworked and remastered, from the existing audios, to audios that were not previously available.

FFI Newsletter - We send out a monthly newsletter called the Foundation For Intercession. If you click on the FFI Newsletter header item, you can read every newsletter that has been sent out for free online. You can subscribe to this newsletter for free to receive a copy of the FFI Newsletter every month when it is sent out.

Articles - This section contains a few smaller articles, some of which were written by Dr. Jones, although not all of them.


Store - This section contains a list of all items available to purchase from GKM. If you click the purchase button on any book in the Books section of the site, for example, you will be taken to the book's page on the Store to purchase that book.

Events - This page contains a calendar of upcoming events, conferences, and any dates we are watching for prophetic purposes.

Conference Center - This section contains information about Conferences either hosted by GKM, or that Dr. Jones has spoke at. This section will also be updated with the latest conference information, as a conference approaches.


About - This page contains subsections for learning more about Dr. Jones, the GKM Logo, our Statement of Beliefs, and the GKM Site. Testimonials, an Image Gallery, a Contact page for Dr. Jones and for GKM Support, and a Friends page containing links to some other sites that are friends of GKM.

Search - This page contains a search bar to search the entire site using a search query.

Donate - This page contains a donate button for any of you who feel lead to donate to GKM.

This gives you an outline of how the site is structured, but always feel free to click around and see what you find, and hopefully this outline helps you find areas you might not have known about before.

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The Books

Because we have so many books, it can be overwhelming or discouraging for some of you to know where to begin. For this reason, we have tried to organize the books by category, so that each of you can decide where to begin according to your level of knowledge.

It would be difficult to categorize our books according to Law, Prophecy, Gospels, or Epistles, because the books attempt to present a full and balanced view that takes into account all of these aspects of Scripture. For example, if we were to expound on the law of restitution in Exodus 22:1-3, we must also see its application in prophecy from the prophets and gain understanding and clarity from the gospels and epistles in order to get a full and balanced view of the original law as given by Moses.

Read all our books online for free

Recommended Order of Study

Purpose: to replace existing world cultures with Kingdom culture

Module 1: Evangelism Studies

  • God’s Promise to You - Did you know that God made a promise to you many years ago? His promise was made to everyone. So if you live on this earth, then it applies to YOU. Long ago, in the days of Noah, God made a covenant with the whole earth and everyone living on it. He bound Himself by an oath not to allow the earth to be destroyed...

  • Free Will vs. Ownership - Many disagree about whether or not man has a free will. This 26-page booklet shows from the Scriptures that free will is not the fundamental issue, but rather the fact that the Creator OWNS all things and is responsible for all that He owns. There are very interesting legal implications in this.

  • Creation’s Jubilee - This book deals with the sovereignty of God and the Restoration of All Things, which is God's overall purpose in history. It also gives little known Church history showing how these vital teachings were lost in the fifth century. It explains the three resurrections of barley, wheat, and grape companies in a general overview.

  • The Two Covenants - This book discusses the differences between the Old and New Covenants. The main difference is that the Old Covenant was man's vow to God, while the New Covenant was God's vow (or promise) to man.

  • Hebrews: Immigrating from the Old Covenant to the New - A chapter by chapter examination of the Book of Hebrews; this book examines the ways in which God has moved towards a better covenant with man. The historical background of the Book of Hebrews as well as contextual discussions add insight and relevance to Hebrews.

Module 2: Pastoral Studies

  • 1 Corinthians - An in depth 4 book commentary on First Corinthians. Book 1 deals with the first 6 chapters, Book 2 deals with chapters 7-11, Book 3 deals with chapters 12 and 13, and Book 4 deals with chapters 14-16. 

  • Deuteronomy, The Second Law - A 10 book commentary on Moses' twelve speeches in the book of Deuteronomy. The book of Deuteronomy is a series of 12 speeches that Moses gave just before his death at the end of Israel's wilderness journey.

  • Hearing God’s Voice - What it means Biblically and experientially to hear the voice of God and to walk in the Spirit of revelation, as opposed to hearing the idols of the heart. Many say this is our most valuable book.

  • The Laws of the Second Coming - A thorough study of Israel’s feasts and their prophetic significance to the second coming of Christ. Most Christians know that Passover showed the timing of Christ’s death on the cross in His first appearance; but few understand the meaning of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles. This book also teaches the laws of Sonship and the Manchild.

  • Who is a Jew? - 30 pages. In Romans 2:28, 29 Paul tells us who IS a Jew and who is NOT a Jew. God's answer to this question cannot be obtained by looking at one's genetics, but by the lawful requirements of citizenship in a tribe of Israel. This shows how those Jews who accepted Christ and all others who accept Him as King-Messiah have legally joined the tribe of Judah and are thus "Jews". On the other hand, those who have rejected Him are NOT Jews at all, because they have revolted against the King of Judah and have forfeited their citizenship in Judah.

  • Who is an Israelite? - This 60-page book is a natural sequel to the book, "Who is a Jew?" It traces the natural Israelites (i.e., ex-Israelites of the dispersion) from Israel to Assyria and on into Europe and other parts of the world. However, it also shows that being an Israelite is a matter of lawful citizenship. To become a citizen of Israel requires accepting Jesus Christ as the Birthright Holder of Joseph in His second coming. In other words, one must be an overcomer to be an Israelite. This was how Jacob received the name "Israel" at the beginning.

Module 3: Teacher Studies

  • Dr. Luke: Healing the Breaches - Luke was a doctor, one trained in healing people. His gospel uses many medical terms, and his underlying purpose was to heal the breaches between ethnic groups, between men and women, and between God and men. This commentary focuses upon Luke's gospel, but also integrates details from the other gospels, so that we get a more complete picture of the life of Christ and His ministry on earth. 

  • Paul’s Epistle to the Saints in Rome - This is volume 1 of a 2 volume set being made available as two books, with the first volume covering the first 8 chapters and the second volume covering the last 8 chapters. This first volume covers chapters 1-8. You will find the second volume listed below with it's viewing and ordering information as well. "In writing these books, it struck me that Paul's teaching on the salvation of all men is the natural outworking of the Love of God. That is why Paul first establishes the Love of God in Romans 5:7-10, and then he immediately shows us how this applies to all of creation. The result is "justification of life to all men" (5:18)"

  • James to the Twelve Tribes: Faith and its Fruit - Many in the past have wrestled with the supposed conflict between James and Paul over the issue of law and faith. Both agree that faith needs "fruit" to be considered genuine. Spiral bound book.

  • Galatians: Paul Corrects the Distorted Gospel - This is a verse-by-verse commentary on Paul's epistle to the Galatians, which was written to combat those Jewish Christians who were unable to leave the Old Covenant and adhere to the New Covenant. In their attempt to add the New Covenant to the Old, and to add Jesus to the temple system of animal sacrifices and other rituals, they had distorted the gospel.

  • The Genesis Book of Psalms - Fascinating study of the first 40 Psalms of the bible and how they correlate to the book of Genesis. This work is a continuation and completion, if you will, of the work done by Dr. Bullinger on this subject. There is much to discover here that we consider to be very illuminating in the study of scripture.

  • The Biblical Meaning of Numbers from 1-40 - This is the compliment/companion to the book titled "The Genesis Book of Psalms". This came as a result of the study done in the above mentioned book after realizing that there needed to be more work done on this subject. Enjoy!

Module 4: Prophetic Studies

  • Secrets of Time - The revelation of timing as revealed in the Scriptures and in history. It reveals the importance of October 1986 as the 120th Jubilee from Adam and the legal declaration of the Jubilee in the fall of 1986. The book shows the order in history and how nothing happens by accident. It reveals "the time of Jacob's trouble" and how America, Canada, Britain, and other nations fit into the overall Plan of God.

  • Daniel: Prophet of the Ages - This is a commentary covering the first six chapters of Daniel, which are the historical chapters.

  • The Revelation - A study of Revelation 1-2, ending in Revelation 2:17. This is book 1 of an 8 part book series.

  • Wars of the Lord - This 255-page book gives 50 chapters of spiritual warfare experienced by Dr. Stephen Jones from 1981-2008.

Module 5: Apostolic Studies

  • 2 Corinthians - An in-depth commentary/study on the second book of Corinthians

  • Lessons from Church History - In these books you are receiving an excellent overview of the true documented history of the early church like you have never heard it before. Volume 1 contains Book I. Volume 2 contains Books II, III, and IV.

  • Practical ministries, teaching, and missions