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  • Award Ceremony in Pakistan

    I heard from Pastor Fiaz again. This is what he wrote: Peace be with you in Christ, By the grace of God, the students of our Chan Da Qila Center have completed the book “How to be Overcomer.'' We held its certificate distribution ceremony on Friday.... Read More

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    2 min read
  • Personal update and some news

    It has now been 2 weeks since I was moved to the 7th floor of the hospital to receive physical therapy and occupational therapy. The therapists were wonderful, friendly, and helpful in every way. I was tested today on a number of issues and proved to be mu... Read More

    Ministry News
    4 - 5 min read
  • Teaching the Word in Pakistan

    On Sunday, February 4, Pastor Fiaz wrote this: By the grace of God, Our Francisabad center has completed the book, How to be an Overcomer. Today we distributed the certificates of completion of this book. More than 100 people were present in this program.... Read More

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    1 - 2 min read
  • Health update and news from Pakistan

    I went into rehab last Friday and had my first physical therapy session on Saturday. They are also giving me occupational therapy, which is similar in some ways but different. The two make a good combination. I do this morning and afternoon, and I just got... Read More

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    5 - 6 min read
  • Personal

    In the past few months I have had a pinched sciatic nerve which weakened my right leg in particular. It finally got to the place where I could no longer walk on my own and had to use a walker just prior to back surgery on December 21. In the past week we h... Read More

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    1 - 2 min read

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