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Who Are We?

We have two mottos: Serious Bible Study, and Truth in Love. It is our aim to treat the matter of Biblical study with the utmost respect, and share on this website the truths that God has revealed to us, in love. Within this website you will find many ideas and viewpoints that you likely have never heard of before. All of this content has been written after much prayer and consideration, so we encourage you to read it with the same heart.

What we believe may be different from anything you’ve heard before, but it is all to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you read something that challenges a belief you currently hold, we encourage you not to throw it away without consideration, but instead, to pause, pray, and seek God for the answer for yourself.

This site is very large, because we have posted all of the contents of all of our books online, for free. Though we do accept donations, we offer everything free of charge to read online and never solicit donations beyond having a simple “Donation” button on our website. Our donors are the ones who make this all possible, because they desire to help others grow and learn. Our books are copyrighted only to prevent others from using them for commercial purposes to make money. Our copyrights should not be understood as a personal restriction, as we want everyone to have full access to the biblical knowledge contained in the books.

Though we have a mailing list, we have no memberships, nor do we claim to be “the true church.” We point to Christ alone, and pray that everyone asks Him to enroll their names in “the General Assembly and Church of the First-born” in heaven (Hebrews 12:23).

It is our hope and prayer that within these pages you find much hope, and a renewed passion for the beauty of the truth of God’s word. We thank God that you have found this website, and pray that you are greatly helped by it!

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How this ministry is designed

Who is this Ministry For?

This ministry is by no means exclusive to any one group. We truly believe that any individual can derive benefit from the materials written here on GKM, although, it is specifically designed to teach the Scriptures to those who already believe and want to learn the foundations and goals of their faith. Our goal is to help people grow spiritually “to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

We believe that every believer has a calling that falls into one of the general categories of the five-fold ministry listed in Ephesians 4:11: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Before anyone can be truly effective in one’s calling, it is necessary to learn and to grow into some level of spiritual maturity. While we cannot train people by life experience—God trains each person directly by Himself—we offer training in the knowledge of the Word, so that everyone can be more effective in whatever callings they may have.

What is your purpose and goal? You may have little need for this site if you have no desire to genuinely dive deeply into Biblical study. But, if your goal is to grow into spiritual maturity by the study of the Word and to gain understanding of the mind of God through Christ, we believe we have much to offer. We teach what we believe seminaries and Bible Colleges (and even churches) ought to teach, with the exception of Hebrew and Greek language, which we are not equipped to teach at this time. The main difference is that we do this with very little cost to you. Wherever you are in your faith, we welcome you, and pray that you're helped by the content on this website!

We've structured a curriculum around the 5-fold ministry

Where you can study

Primary Sections of this Website

Even though we have over 10,000 pages of content on this website, the majority of the content is available in primary sections, and there is a general flow to the content that you will see often.

  • The Blog is where all the latest content will always be posted, whether it's ongoing Bible Studies, news about the ministry, observations and commentary on world news, and more. If there are several blog posts that are related, they are grouped into Blog Series, and sometimes specific Blog Series are eventually turned into Books.
    • If you are looking to focus on the studies presented in the Blog without ancillary posts, you can filter the blog list by the Bible Studies category, or utilize the Blog Series section of the website, as this is where more complete Bible studies can be found.
  • The Books section of the site contains cleanly formatted, complete studies on a variety of topics. Some books are short, concise studies, while others are exhaustive and in-depth. You can read all books online for free, or you can purchase a physical copy of a book, or even purchase it on Amazon Kindle.
  • The Tracts section contains very short, single-page teachings on a particular topic. Physical copies can be ordered in bulk, and if you are subscribed to the FFI Mailing List, you will receive a copy of any latest tract for free when it is released.
  • The FFI section is the Foundation For Intercession Newsletter. This is a physical mailing list that contains additional teachings from Dr. Jones, as well as any relevant ministry news when available. The FFI is sent out at the beginning of every month, and posted online to read for free even if you are not subscribed to the mailing list.
  • The Audios section of the site contains numerous recorded teachings available in audio format, available to listen to online for free. Please note, these audios were recorded years ago on cassette with non-professional equipment, so expect the audio quality to reflect that.

How to explore this website

Site Navigation

This section is meant to help a new user understand how to navigate the most important sections of the GKM website. We eventually plan to create a walkthrough video, but this will be some time in the future.

Header Nav - Blog

The main header nav GKM uses what's called a Mega Menu, which means that when you mouse over specific items, we include a bunch of new options relevant to that section. You can click on any of the main menu items (Home, Start Here, Blog, Studies, Store, Events, About, or Help) to go to that section of the site. Right now we only have a Mega Menu on the Blog and Studies sections, detailed below (you can click on images to enlarge them).

When you hover your mouse over the Blog menu item, you will see on links on the left side to the Latest PostsBlog Series, and Archive pages. In the center, you will see the 3 most recent blog posts, and a list of Blog Categories that you can click on to view all posts within that category. On the right side, you will see the most recent blog series, and below that there is a list of 3 randomly selected Blog Series for the week. Every Monday at 12:00 AM Central time, this list of 3 will be randomly updated automatically.

Header Nav - Studies

When you hover over the Studies menu item, you will see a list of the 6 sub sections on the left side. You can hover your mouse over any of these sections and the content in the center will update with pertinent information for that section. You can click on any of the sections on the left to view all items in that section, such as Books. In the center, there is a brief overview of what to expect in that section, along with our 5 most popular items for that section. On the right side, there is a link to an introductory page, and to the Bible School Curriculum.


The Book Chapters are set up with the chapter content in the main side of the page (on the left), and book navigation on the right sidebar. On the right sidebar, there is a progress bar to see how far you are through a book you are reading, along with a search bar to search all of that book's content. You can collapse the sidebar by clicking the arrow next to the sidebar, allowing a larger area for focused reading. Details on this can be seen in the image below (click to enlarge):

When viewing a book chapter on a mobile phone, you can open the table of contents while reading a book by clicking on the icon on the right of the screen, or by swiping from right to left on your phone screen. Example can be found below (click image to enlarge):

Blog Posts

The left sidebar contains a search bar to search all blog posts, and it will also contain links to jump to any subheadings within the blog post. If the blog is part of a Blog Series, details will be shown in the left sidebar, and at the top of the blog post.

The right sidebar contains a button to subscribe to email notifications of new blog posts, or an RSS feed. It also contains the 3 most recent blog posts, and 3 random blog posts from the same blog category as the current post you are reading.

In the main blog post content, at the top right you will see a book icon. If you click this icon, it will enable "reader mode" - graying out the sidebars and removing any distractions while reading. You can disable Reader Mode by clicking the button again, or by clicking the grayed out sidebars. You can see all of these changes in the image below (click the image to enlarge):


Our Search Engine

We have recently integrated a brand new search engine into GKM. This search engine has fuzzy logic incorporated, allowing it to detect possible typos and find relevant content anyway. It also allows us to add progressive filters, enabling you to further refine your search by a specific section of the site, and even further filtering options depending on the section you filter by.

This search engine is highly customizable, and very extensive, but it also takes time to really "learn" our content, so to speak. Please Note: We will be monitoring feedback from our readers as you all begin using this search engine, because it will most likely require tweaking over time. Please be patient during this time, and play around with it to see what kind of results you can find! You can search from any page on the website by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon on the right side of the header nav, shown in the image below (click the image to enlarge):

Below is an image showing what search results will look like, along with filter options (click the image to enlarge):

What we recommend

Where To Begin

Because we have so much content on this site, it can be overwhelming or discouraging for some of you to know where to begin. We have built a curriculum using the five ministry gifts as an outline for the modules of Bible study. Each individual will learn something about all of the gifts, but in the end, each will have to know his or her particular calling. Our purpose is to equip those who are ministering with a knowledge of the Word, so that each will be more effective in fulfilling his or her calling.

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