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Dec 3, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 7

Category: Prophetic

The beast from the sea (Revelation 13:1) is the one that Daniel described as the “little horn.” We know this because in Revelation 13:4-7, John’s description matched Daniel’s perfectly (Daniel 7:8, 21). This little horn was to make … Read Full Post

Dec 2, 2022

Died Suddenly

Category: News

Here is a very good video that looks at the results of the vaxx campaign since 2020. I highly recommend it.   Read Full Post

Dec 2, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 6

Category: Prophetic

Because most of the kings of Judah were in a state of rebellion against God, the Dominion Mandate of Judah was finally given to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. Jeremiah 25:9-12 says, 9 …I will send to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, My servant, … Read Full Post

Dec 1, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 5

Category: Prophetic

The story of Absalom’s attempt to replace David as the anointed one on the throne set the overall pattern of the New Testament conflict between the “Son of David,” Jesus Christ, the true Anointed One, and the chief priests led by Caiaphas… Read Full Post

Nov 30, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 4

Category: Prophetic

As we conclude the Age of Pentecost and transition into the Age of Tabernacles, we must say something about the actual reward that is given to the overcomers at the time of the second coming of Christ. Our inheritance is rooted in the idea of the Birthrigh… Read Full Post

Nov 28, 2022

Kingdom vision, part 3

Category: Prophetic

To have a full Kingdom vision, one must understand the three parts of salvation that correspond to the three main feast days as well as to man’s spirit, soul, and body. Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, 24, 23 Now may the God of peace Himsel… Read Full Post

Nov 26, 2022

Europe's leaders angry with Biden's war profiteering

Category: News   Read Full Post

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