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May 17, 2021

The rise of the house of Joseph, part 10

Category: Prophetic

The house of Joseph has the calling and right to bring forth the manifested sons of God. There are others, however, who oppose Joseph. Some do not want the sons of God to be manifested, because they have a different view of the plan of God—or, in som… Read Full Blog

May 15, 2021

Possible explanation for the magnetism in the genetic engineering jab

Category: News

Remember how genetically-engineered "vax" has made peoplemagnetic at the site of their injection? Here is a possible answer, dating back to tech research from five years ago.… Read Full Blog

May 15, 2021

Update from Pakistan

Category: General

I talked to Pastor Fiaz a couple days ago. The book of tracts (complete set) that he is working on is fully translated and proofed. Earlier this week he gave a copy to two Bible School professors so that they could write their own endorsements to be printe… Read Full Blog

May 14, 2021

The rise of the house of Joseph, part 9

Category: Prophetic

When we prayed “God Bless America,” we used the biblical definition of “bless,” which is the way in which the seed of Abraham was supposed to bless all families of the earth. The word is defined in Acts 3:25, 26, 25 It is yo… Read Full Blog

May 13, 2021

India's Public Health Ambassador just wanted to prove that the vax was safe

Category: News

It’s time to learn the lesson that India’s public health ambassador showed the world. Too bad he swallowed Dr. Fauci's kool-aid. It's the kool-aid that killed him.… Read Full Blog

May 13, 2021

The rise of the house of Joseph, part 8

Category: Prophetic

When Christine and Anna went to the shore of the Gulf in Corpus Christi on March 19-20, 2001 to pray for the protection of the sons of God (seed of Abraham), they were actually doing work for the house of Joseph. Joseph held the Birthright, which was the r… Read Full Blog

May 12, 2021

Vax turning people into super heroes?

Category: News

Covix vax turning people into Magneto Men and Magneta Women. I can’t verify this because no one in my house has gotten vaxxed.   Read Full Blog

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