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Aug 18, 2022

Peace and Reconciliation

Category: Ministry News

Recall that we have been monitoring the fruit of the Kingdom since the “Tree” was planted on the Second Passover, April 25, 2017. After four years of growth, we saw that the fruit was good on the Second Passover, April 26, 2021. https://godski… Read Full Post

Aug 17, 2022

A storm is coming

Category: News

This may be a sign from the heavens. “Geomagnetic storm watches are in effect for 17-19 August, 2022 due to likely CH HSS and CME influences. A recurrent coronal hole (CH) high speed s… Read Full Post

Aug 17, 2022

Jezebel's threats

Category: Prophetic

From August 17-29 and then to September 3 is a season to be watchful. We expect to see now the results of Ye Shall Go Forth prayer campaign that was conducted during this time in 1984. Back then, the time from August 17-29 was the first phase of the cam… Read Full Post

Aug 16, 2022

Death Valley closed by thousand-year event

Category: News

This event, announced by Daniel, sounds like a resurrection sign. The severe flooding that recently hit Death Valley is an event only seen once in a thousand year… Read Full Post

Aug 16, 2022

The Coin

Category: Ministry News

An unusual but important event took place a week ago on August 9. A prominent member of the team in South Africa had a vision the previous night, and he told John about it the next morning. Shortly afterward, Bradley came into the room and said, “The… Read Full Post

Aug 15, 2022

Today's update

Category: Ministry News

A year ago today, the Afghanistan war was lost, and Biden gave away about $80 billion worth of military equipment. It was a major turning point, as it put America’s weakness on display for the whole world to see. This, combined with the decline and s… Read Full Post

Aug 13, 2022

Coronavirus lockdowns end

Category: News With the coronavirus continuing to spread widely throughout the country, Americans are getting new advice from fed… Read Full Post

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