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  • Political and economic perspectives of the world today

    This is a somewhat lengthy video, but it gives us a scholarly view of the world situation today. It is an international panel of experts who address the problems and provide solutions to the conflicts and economic woes that are prevalent today. https://www... Read More

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  • Babylon's slow collapse

    The US government’s policy over the recent decades has been to isolate and condemn any country refusing to submit to US hegemony—especially if they represent any serious business competition. When those offending countries decided to abandon th... Read More

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  • A Jew speaks out on anti-Zionism bill

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOiOBPCLVlw It appears that the US House has just pronounced Dan Cohen an anti-semite, even though he is Jewish. Needless to say, he objects to this.... Read More

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  • House declares anti-Zionism to be anti-Semitism

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/brianbushard/2023/12/05/house-passes-resolution-declaring-anti-zionism-a-form-of-antisemitism-some-democrats-are-critical/?sh=60a0f4d41e74 The House on Tuesday approved a GOP-led resolution that condemns antisemitism and forma... Read More

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  • An antidote to covid-19

    Some have asked me for more information regarding the prevention and/or treatment for covid and/or the cure for the so-called "vaccine." I find the following information to be of interest. https://rumble.com/v3ln577-the-antidote-the-explosive-truth-origin-... Read More

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