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Out of town July 23-30

I will be out of town and will probably not write any weblogs for the next week. No need to panic. I’ll be back.

Out of town

I will be heading out of town tomorrow morning (Friday) for a memorial get-together for Doug Evers, who died last February. It is a private meeting by invitation only. Many of you……

Israelis protest against Netanyahu

Christian leaders who support Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should consider the views of the Israeli people themselves instead of their leaders. Unfortunately, prominent leader……

Update from Pakistan

I talked to Pastor Fiaz a couple days ago. The book of tracts (complete set) that he is working on is fully translated and proofed. Earlier this week he gave a copy to two Bible S……

Covid is the cure for flu and influenza

This is from the April 29 Scientific American, which ran an article having the headline: Flu has disappeared worldwide during the COVID pandemic. https://www.scientificameric……

BLM co-founder buys a new house The co-founder of the polarizing Black Lives Matter m……

Michigan prison gets the gospel

Today I received a letter from an inmate in a Michigan prison. He wrote: Enclosed, I’m sending a literature request, but I thought that I’d take the opportunity to write this l……

The state of the economy according to Jim Willie

Today's Word

Book distribution in Pakistan

Pastor Fiaz drove to Karachi last week, a trip of about 1500 km, where he distributed books and tracts to various churches. He also went to another city and gave these to a semina……

Showing 1-10 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo