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Blog Category - Health

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Polish man discovers how covid is spread

It appears that apple juice is a major contributor to the spread of covid-19. It tested positive in Poland. Here is how the man tested apple juice for covid.……

Homemade HCQ (quinine)

It is not difficult to make your own quinine or its derivative, hydroxychloroquine. The recipe is given in Point 14 below. Or, if you prefer convenience, you can do as I have done……

Science teacher explains why children should wear masks all day at school

Science teacher explains why children should wear face masks in school all day so that his YouTube video does not get banned by the censors. But do not watch this video unless you……

Universal Masking, according to the New England Journal of Medicine

This is the second paragraph of an article from the New England Journal of Medicine, published April 1, 2020 under the headline: Universal Masking in Hospitals in the Covid-1……

Vaccine experiments on poor South Africans

The Rx Reformer

You might call this: Confessions of a drug pusher.

Wearing a mask lowers your oxygen level to the danger zone

Wearing a mask can be quite dangerous, says this attorney from southern California. She proves it in this short 5-minute video.……

The ineffectiveness of face masks

At the beginning of this covid-19 lockdown, no one was requiring a face mask, even though face masks have been around for a long time and doctors know how and when to use them. Do……

HCQ or Remdesivir? Hydroxychloroquine Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients In a letter to Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, th……

Results of the HCQ studies are in Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers and Reports January to April 20, 2020 Executiv……

Showing 1-10 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo