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Blog Category - Health

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Professor Dr. Bhakdi explains his concerns about the vaccine

Here is a short 5-minute video that explains the dangers of the vaccine in simple language.

Salk Institute issues health news about the vaccine

The Salk Institute was named for Jonas Salk, who developed the polio vaccine in the 1950’s. Salk News is news about the findings of the Salk Institute. On April 30, 2021 Salk News……

Covid-19 and graphene-oxide Today, La Quinta Columna has made an urgent announcement that they hope will reach as many people ……

Educate yourself about the gene therapy vaccine

There are many scientific videos that explain what the coronavirus vaccine is and how it works. I don’t want to overload you with a lot of these, but I recommend that everyone lis……

Counteracting the spike protein contagion from the experimental Covid-19 gene therapy

The so-called “vax” is causing a condition known as “spike protein contagion” in many people, a condition which is fatal to many people. Likewise, those who have received this “va……

Polish man discovers how covid is spread

It appears that apple juice is a major contributor to the spread of covid-19. It tested positive in Poland. Here is how the man tested apple juice for covid.……

Homemade HCQ (quinine)

It is not difficult to make your own quinine or its derivative, hydroxychloroquine. The recipe is given in Point 14 below. Or, if you prefer convenience, you can do as I have done……

Science teacher explains why children should wear masks all day at school

Science teacher explains why children should wear face masks in school all day so that his YouTube video does not get banned by the censors. But do not watch this video unless you……

Universal Masking, according to the New England Journal of Medicine

This is the second paragraph of an article from the New England Journal of Medicine, published April 1, 2020 under the headline: Universal Masking in Hospitals in the Covid-1……

Vaccine experiments on poor South Africans

Showing 1-10 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo