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Blog Category - Ministry News

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Pakistan ministry progress report

I talked with Pastor Fiaz this afternoon and received a progress report. The new ministry center is almost completed now. They are now laying tile to finish construction work. I w……

July Mission Update 2022 from Pakistan

Defining the new phase of ministry

Yesterday’s peace agreement was amazing in itself, going from death threats to a written agreement. The only stipulation was that some of the funds must go toward humanitarian pro……

Peace and Reconciliation

Recall that we have been monitoring the fruit of the Kingdom since the “Tree” was planted on the Second Passover, April 25, 2017. After four years of growth, we saw that the fruit……

The Coin

An unusual but important event took place a week ago on August 9. A prominent member of the team in South Africa had a vision the previous night, and he told John about it the nex……

Today's update

A year ago today, the Afghanistan war was lost, and Biden gave away about $80 billion worth of military equipment. It was a major turning point, as it put America’s weakness on di……

The Restoration Court Case of 2015

Seven years ago, a group of us drove to Estes Park, Colorado for a week-long vacation. However, God had other plans for us, because on the way there He let us know that we were be……

Watch date: August 8

Our attention is being drawn to August 8, 2022, which is tomorrow. As with all watch dates, one must always be careful about projections. It is relatively easy (for me) to find wa……

Burning Bush Bible School in Pakistan

Although our Bible School has experienced roadblocks here in America, the curriculum is being implemented in Pakistan. Pastor Fiaz, our Pakistan Director, sent me these photos tod……

Update on ministry news

Last evening Ruth, an English teacher from Brazil, was added to our ministry team. I had a long talk with her face to face (online). She found our website about 14 years ago and h……

Showing 1-10 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo