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Blog Category - Prophetic

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A Variety of Prophetic Things

When Jacob-Israel blessed his sons in Genesis 48 and 49, he split the Birthright into various parts and divided it up among his sons. To the sons of Joseph he gave the main por……

Coming Watch Dates

An alert reader did some calculations that should be passed on so that you can be more watchful in the days ahead. On Sept. 11, 1999 we celebrated Jesus' 2000th birthday at Por……

Reports from others re barley

In regard to our work of casting barley into the headwaters on July 9, reports have been coming in from others involved from afar. California Bob 2 reports that on the evening ……

History of Barley since 2007

I thought it would be helpful to step back and look once again at the big picture in regard to the connection between the barley and the Mississippi River. On April 15, 2007 th……

Elisha Signs--Where are we?

In April 2009 I began writing about Elijah and Elisha and how the miraculous signs that they did apply to our time. All of this began with revelation at the conference in Hilo, Ha……

Coming Watch Dates

I mentioned a few days ago that one of the more important time cycles to watch is the 13-year cycle. This cycle is anchored by the 13-year Jubilee Prayer Campaign from 1993-2006. ……

Hawaiian art of Mental Healing

This sounds strangely like the biblical concept of Intercession.

The Oil Spill as a Sign of War

Recall that the oil spill in the Gulf began on April 20, 2010, which was 1290 days from the seventh bowl of wine that was poured out in Babylon, NY on Oct. 7, 2006. It was also……

The Oil Spill and Revelation 16

In my study of the book of Revelation posted on the FFI's from a few years ago, I explained the seven bowls of wine being poured out in Revelation 16. The first bowl of wine wa……

Interesting numbers for the Dow

Yesterday the dow was up 66.6 points (actually, 66.58). Today, the market dropped 376 points, and we read, Only 153 stocks rose on the New York Stock Exchange while almost ……

Showing 791-800 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo