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Throughout the years, we have received many reports of personal testimonies from our readers sharing how they have been helped by the writings of Dr. Jones. We've collected the testimonies of those that wanted to share them with others in the hope that it blesses other readers as well. This doesn't include countless other testimonials that we've received over the years, whether they were verbal or just simply private, and we will continue to add more to this list as we receive them. You can also Submit Your Own Testimonial to share how GKM has helped you.

  1. Rob 09/30/2016
    This is so anointed. Just read the first and it brought tears! Happy belated pi day!

  2. Margriet 09/30/2016

    I really liked reading your first chapter... and started translating it. This helps me to really understand what I read and ponder over it… and I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that others here in the Netherlands (that don’t read English well) would want to read this as well.

  3. Joe 09/30/2016
    Hi Stephen,

    I’m enjoying your latest series “Light from the Crack.” Anava is describing perspectives that I’ve often pondered. What does living water “taste” like? How does it make you feel? What do you think about after you’ve had a taste? These seem like childish questions, but I take comfort in the experiences and answers from Anava and the characters he (she?) encounters. I find Anava’s journey thus far to be very revealing. I’m encouraged by what you’ve been led to write and share.

    Thanks so much.
  4. Don 09/30/2016

    Mmmm….warm while chillingly empathic, as if on the threshold of a new beginning.

    A yearning of anticipation sets in.

    Write on.

  5. David T 09/30/2016

    Your story sounds similar to the story The Shack that blessed me. I believe your story will have the same effect.

    May God bless you richly,
  6. David H 09/30/2016
    Good Morning, Stephen!

    I just wanted to let you know how much I am liking your novel. When I was younger I enjoyed very much the sharing of Frank Peretti, Richard Bach, William P. Young and a few others, and now enjoying Tom Brown Jr. but might I say that your story seems more densely packed. What I mean to say is that there seems to be no filler, and that every turn leads to a matter of spiritual import. I appreciate that about you, Stephen.
  7. Carol 09/30/2016
    The fact that you are finally writing your "novel" is incredibly interesting and hopeful to me. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! The tone is perfect! God is so vastly amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe someday there's hope for me, too….

    Thank you for Revelation(s)! I am blest beyond blest by your writings and I praise God for you. Be encouraged, Brother, to keep going in your new "revelation(s)."

    As I read chapter one of your new book, I, too, had shivers. I spend a lot of time being awake at night. Father has a way of "calling" me up (a "phone" actually rings me out of sleep), so I say, "Good morning, Dear. Here I am." I've gotten in the habit of climbing out of bed, going to sit in my rocker, and making myself quiet so I can just "be" with Him and hear what He has to say to me.

    Last night I went to sit and keep Him company and He reminded me: "I have called you and ordained you to bear fruit." Only, this time He said, "MUCH Fruit."

    You new story is wonderful! I can hardly wait for chapter two.
  8. Simone 09/30/2016
    Dear Sir Stephen,

    Thank you so much for The Light in the Crack. My mom and I agree that it’s incomparable to anything we’ve ever read, it’s captivated us like never before! Can’t wait to read further….

    It’s so cool! The last while God has done amazing things in my life and I have entered a kind of rest and peacefulness. I am no longer overly concerned with ‘pleasing’ God out of fear that He will reject me, now I am more centred on doing the right thing because I want to do it for Him, because I love Him and my relationship with Him has grown so much that I am always aware of His presence, whatever I am doing….

    It feels like my life has completely turned around in every way. I am recovering in leaps and bounds from anorexia and that realisation of my true identity helped me cross so many bridges there as well. So many, many bondages have fallen from me this year that I can just leap for joy writing this, and it’s like your story has just seriously given me a witness to all that is happening in my life, and I hope in the lives of many others, it’s like the whole thing sums up perfectly what’s been happening to me! WOW!...

    You’re story has unlocked a lot for me about all of this as well and I’m so excited for whatever is going to happen next in this journey God has called me to!

    At the moment I am learning super hard for my S.A.T. in November, and God has opened a lot of doors for me dance-wise as well, and I am very excited for whatever He is going to use me for in the future through all this.

    Thanks for the amazing blessing of that story!

  9. Bonnie 09/30/2016
    Dearest Brother,

    To say that I am enjoying The Light From the Crack would be an understatement. This newest writing of yours seems to encompass the heart's desire of a journey that I feel many of us have been on and are still on.

    I look at my personal journey, my prayers, my conversations with FATHER, the longings of my heart, my cries, my praise, my daily rituals to climb higher and deeper into an intimacy with my GOD, my Redeemer, my Creator, my Love, my Burning Passion, my Praise....they are all here in this wonderful and anointed writing.

    I have spent so much time on dividing the spirit and the soul and endeavoring to embrace each, as Father created them; to understand them, but my desire is to breakthrough the gates of heaven and travel between the realms of heaven and earth, according to His Perfect Will and I confess that this has been a daily prayer for some time.

    I weep at this writing and they are tears of joy and of excitement as the deep meanings lead to new ponderings. I do realize that this is a work of fiction, but it stirs deep in my spirit.

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and may HIS Anointing be upon you as you continue this series.
    Just wanted to share and hopefully encourage you.

  10. Michael Bucella 09/26/2016
    Book Review - The Sovereignty of God and the Destiny of Man

    Having had an interest in the “Lost Tribes” of Israel for at least the last 35 years, I make it a point to read as much as I can on the subject. Recently while ordering another such book, I also ordered the books The Sovereignty of God and the Destiny of Man and also The Laws of the Second Coming, from a list of books available from the publisher, simply because the titles interested me. Inspired Decision!!

    Being a voracious reader, both books were read within a few days, leaving me hungry form more. Being computer illiterate, I asked a friend to search for the phone number of God’s Kingdom Ministries in order to purchase more than 40 books by the author, Dr. Stephen Jones. In the past several months, I have had a remarkable opportunity to travel back in time and have the prophets, apostles (especially Paul) and even Jesus himself, speak to me in a language that a child could understand. Their message was the same. Our Father loves us and will have all of His children share His Glory, His Joy and His Essence which is love unbounded and eternal. And all of His children means just that, without exception.

    Dr. Jones’ book, The Sovereignty of God and the Destiny of Man, co-written by Michael Wark, examines the difference between the Will of God and His overall plan for His creation. Unsure of my own salvation and what God had in store for me, most of my life has been a roller coaster of sin followed with repentance, hoping for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Dr. Jones in his writing has made it clear that God has imputed the righteousness of Christ to those who believe in and on Him, and view all ofl those as his children.

    God told Adam and Eve that on the day that they would eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would surely die. They did in fact “die” on the very same day and Dr. Jones explains quite clearly how all sin is a debt to be paid and the wages of sin is death. It is very interesting how God put such a tree within the grasp of virtual children as were Adam and Eve, and why He allowed a tempter to do his mischief. What did He expect? According to Dr. Jones, God’s plan for the happiness of His children was conceived before we were, as was Jesus’ death on the cross which paid our sin debt in full.

    The Sacrificial Laws of the Old Covenant were mere shadows of the one sacrifice which saved the world. Dr. Jones is a master at fleshing out these laws and rituals and how they apply today. In fact, Dr. Jones understanding of God’s plan of salvation, based upon unparalleled biblical knowledge and understanding as well as, I believe, intimate inspirational occurrences will open the eyes and minds of the serious searcher for truth.

    Next time, I hope to look at The Laws of the Second Coming. In it, Dr. Jones in his intuitive, educated and sometimes humorous style of writing has let me know that all is well. Just let God the potter alone at his wheel and be amazed at his beautiful creations.

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