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Throughout the years, we have received many reports of personal testimonies from our readers sharing how they have been helped by the writings of Dr. Jones. We've collected the testimonies of those that wanted to share them with others in the hope that it blesses other readers as well. This doesn't include countless other testimonials that we've received over the years, whether they were verbal or just simply private, and we will continue to add more to this list as we receive them. You can also Submit Your Own Testimonial to share how GKM has helped you.

  1. Jonathan B 09/16/2016
    Hi Stephen,

    I just read the first two chapters of your new series and wanted to send a note to encourage you in your new endeavour. I loved them - I found a few nuggets of revelation for myself tucked in there, and I think you will reach many people through this, in a completely different way than previously. The overall theme seems to fit quite well with where I’m at on my own journey at the moment, and I’m sure with others too.

    I’m looking forward to the rest!

    Jonathan B

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