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  • Your True Identity: Part 1

    Series: Your True Identity - The Bible often tells us how people receive new names. Jacob became Israel, Joshua became Jehoshua, Jedidiah became Solomon, and so on. Names given by God identify the relationship with Him described by the meaning of the name. The name Isr... Read More

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  • More Light on Eureka

    Yesterday I posted a log asking you to ratify the decree before the Divine Court involving the Bohemian Club that is meeting at this present time in their 2700-acre Bohemian Grove. Thanks to all who participated in this act of spiritual warfare. I am going... Read More

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  • Taking the Bohemian Grove in God's Snare

    Yesterday was another rather interesting work day. We drove to Eureka, California, which is not far from the Redwood Forest along the Pacific Highway. Last week end, during our meetings in Sacramento, Fred had suggested we take this detour, after I told hi... Read More

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  • Reversing Laodicean Blindness

    We took note last September at the Feast of Tabernacles (held in Denver) that the first five bowls of wine poured out upon Babylon in Revelation 16 involved hearing something, while the sixth bowl said, "And I SAW." This was significant to us, b... Read More

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  • Dealing with Blindness

    In the "God Is Able" prayer campaign of June 15, the New Gideon's Army prayed (in part): "Open their hearts, eyes, and ears so that they may be blessed and turned from their iniquities, as you have done for me." Christians and... Read More

    Bible Studies
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