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  • Email hack

    If you got a strange email from me (from the old AOL email), please understand that we got hacked and that it did not come from me. Sorry about that. If you opened it up, you too may have gotten hacked. Please change your email password. The problem has... Read More

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  • The Great Awakening

    One of the main themes found in the Q posts since October 2017 is “The Great Awakening.” That is what he calls the time in which we live. I have pondered that statement for many months now, and this morning I awoke to its prophetic meaning. We... Read More

    15 - 20 min read
  • Supreme Court Justice Kennedy retires

    https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4562902-Letter-to-the-President-June-27-Docx.html?utm_medium=AP_Politics&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter Kennedy was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1988 by Ronald Reagan. I heard last month tha... Read More

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  • July watch dates

    As we approach the month of July, I want to remind you of the important watch dates that appear every year in that month. June 29 to July 1 On the Hebrew calendar, the new year (Rosh Hoshana) begins on the first day of the seventh month, or 7/1. It norma... Read More

    10 - 12 min read
  • The Revelation of Kingdom Calendars, part 2

    Series: The Revelation of the Kingdom Calendars - It took 50 Jubilees (from Adam to Moses) for God to prepare the earth for the seed of Abraham to inherit the Kingdom. On the 50th Jubilee, however, most of the people were unprepared and lacked sufficient faith to enter their inheritance. Because they had... Read More

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