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  • Bank of England steals Venezuela's gold

    Here is why one should be careful of allowing banks to hold your assets. You simply cannot trust them, because if they hold it, they think they own it. If you want it back, your request will be given consideration. But there are no guarantees. Venezuela a... Read More

    2 min read
  • Draining the Broward County swamp

    http://www.investmentwatchblog.com/end-of-1982-consent-decree-gop-finally-can-contest-vote-fraud-after-36-years/ Did you know that since 1982, the Republican Party had been legally prohibited from contesting elections due to suspected vote fraud, be... Read More

    6 - 7 min read
  • The Baphomet lawsuit

    Satanists have filed a defamation lawsuit against Warner Brothers for $150 million for portraying their god Baphomet with slightly different features from their public relations campaign to popularize him with children. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/08/the... Read More

    3 - 4 min read
  • Paradise Lost

    In 1667 John Milton wrote Paradise Lost. It seems like an appropriate title for the situation that now exists in Paradise, California after a devastating wildfire virtually destroyed the city, burning it to the ground. In fact, this seems like a combinati... Read More

    1 min read
  • Gaza assassination sparks new conflict

    Yesterday a group of IDF special forces went on a mission to assassinate the top commander of Gaza’s military. They succeeded, but their car was spotted and counter-attacked by Hamas. One Israeli soldier was killed, and another wounded, along with si... Read More

    2 - 3 min read

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