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This page contains instructions on how to perform various tasks around this site. More instructions will be added to this page as the need arises.

Newest Instructions

Below are the most recent instructions that have been added to this page. Currently, the most recent instructions are:

How to Subscribe to Email Notification of New Blog Posts

Definition of Terms

Below is a list of terms that we will use frequently throughout this site, and what we mean when we use them.

Header Nav - This refers to the navigation menu at the top of every page. At the time of this writing, it looks like this (click the image to enlarge it):


Footer - This refers to the area at the very bottom of every page. It appears the same on every page. At the time of this writing, it looks like this (click the image to enlarge it):


Site Operation

Following are instructions that will teach you how to use this site to the fullest extent.

How to download a PDF from this site

Method 1:

Left click on the link. This will bring you to a new page, in the same tab, and it will load the PDF. At the bottom of the screen, there is a menu. The button on the far left of this menu is the "save" button. Click this button, and select a place on your computer to save the PDF to.

Method 2:

Right click on the link, and click on "Save as..." or "Save link as..." or "Save linked content as...," then select a place on your computer to save the PDF to.

Print Friendly


In the footer, there is a blue button that says "Print"; this button will print the page you are on. When you click on it, it will bring up a screen that shows you a preview of what will be printed. When on this screen, you can choose sections of text to delete from the printing, you can remove images, and you can adjust the font size. Once you have everything the way you like it, you can click on Print in the upper left. Once you have completed this step, another pop-up will appear that will say "Printing your Page".

Please note: printing a page this way does NOT work correctly in Opera, SRWare Iron, or Internet Explorer (see here for more info).

Additional Notes

You can also use the Print button to save the page you are on as a PDF. Once you click on the Print button, click on the PDF button in the upper left; this will generate a PDF file of the page. This will pop-up another window, and after a few seconds a button will appear that says Download your PDF.

If you don't have a PDF Viewer, you can download Adobe Reader for free here. Once you're on the page, there will be a checkbox that is checked which is offering something in addition to the download. Just uncheck this checkbox. After you uncheck the checkbox, click on the yellow button that's just a little bit further down that says "Download now". After the download is complete, just run the install, and now you will be able to view and print PDFs.

How to zoom in on a page

For those of you who may be finding a page hard to read because of the size of the text, there is a very quick and easy solution. Just hold the control key (abbreviated ctrl) on your keyboard, and hit the plus key while still holding the control key. If you want to zoom out, hold the control key and hit the minus key while still holding the control key.

Browser Compatibility

This site runs and displays differently depending on the browser you use. This is true of most sites, but these instructions will list the differences of this site depending on the browser you use.

Google Chrome

We have encountered no errors on the site that appear due to use of Chrome. Print Friendly works correctly with chrome.


One of the things that we have noticed on this site while using Opera is that all text is slightly smaller. This issue seems to have only been in Opera, and you can bypass it by following these instructions. Do NOT use Print Friendly in Opera. It does not work correctly. It prints more pages than necessary, and (in our tests) fills the entire page with black ink.

Mozilla Firefox

We have encountered no errors on this site while using Firefox. Print Friendly works correctly. At least in one instance, the Share buttons in the lower right of every page did not appear; however, this seems to have been a local issue rather than something specifically related to Firefox.

Internet Explorer

While there doesn't seem to be any errors with this site while using IE, the site does seem to run slower than it does when using most other browsers. Other than that, everything seems to work fine. Print Friendly works correctly, but it prints the text significantly smaller than other browsers. If you increase the font size to 15pt before printing, it increases the font size, but it is still about half of what other browsers print it as.


This website runs fine in Safari with no known errors. Print Friendly works correctly.


This site runs quite well in Maxthon with no known errors. Print Friendly works correctly.

While there is not very much of a noticeable difference of this site's speed depending on the browser you use, there is some. Maxthon and Chrome are recommended alternatives to anyone experiencing noticeable amounts of lag.

Please note: if you are using Dial-Up, you are going to experience slow connectivity; it is highly recommended that you at least get DSL, if at all possible. If you encounter a problem with the site that you feel is related to the browser you are using, feel free to send us a support question here, if the problem is actually browser related, we will add it here.

How to Subscribe to Email Notification of New Blog Posts

To subscribe to receive an email whenever a new blog is posted, follow the instructions on this blog post. More details instructions will be posted in the future.