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Interesting Interview with General McInerney

David Nino Rodriguez, former heavyweight boxing champion, interviews retired 3-star General McInerney about the current political situation. This is about 30 minutes long and is v……

News Updates

The Basel Accords After the near financial collapse in September 2008, bankers understood that the existing financial system was nearing the end of its lifespan. Having been b……

Living in dangerous times

Racism in America is on the rise once again, especially in Democrat-controlled cities. The murder rate went to record highs in Chicago in 2020, and it is up again by 61 percent in……

Covid Jubilee in Florida

Florida’s Governor DeSantis has pardoned all those who were arrested or prosecuted for violating the unconstitutional health mandates during the lockdowns. This sounds strangely l……

Human compost

In the 19th century, Darwin brought humans down to the level of enlightened apes, and governments immediately began to go down the path of dehumanizing humanity. For a genera……

Update on the book of tracts being printed in Pakistan

I talked to Pastor Fiaz today, and he told me that the book of tracts is finally at the printshop and the printing should be finished next week. Along with this single book, he is……

What a difference nine months makes!

What the media reported in September 2020 is the opposite of what they now report in June 2021. How many people died as a result of their fake story? Perhaps the key is in the fac……

Yesterday, Fauci's problems seemed so far away

It looks like Dr. Fauci is getting into trouble. Recently, he was forced to admit that he and his fellow conspirators had funded the Wuhan lab. Now here is a leaked email informin……

Biden soon to cancel oil leases in Alaska

There is a concerted effort to create food and fuel shortages in the US. Not only is the Biden administration paying farmers handsomely to destroy their crops, but it is also work……

BLM leaders quit, but for different reasons

This one quit last Wednesday for an honorable reason. The founder of a Black Li……

Showing 61-70 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo