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Simon Parkes gives today's update on current events

Simon Parkes update on current events.

Sidney Powell appointed Special Counsel

Amazing events are unfolding. Sidney Powell was appointed Special Counsel, but Trump’s “closest aides” are trying to block it from becoming official! Who works for who? The media ……

UK health authorities admit they have no scientific evidence of covid-19

It appears that the UK health authorities were unable to provide any scientific evidence that they had isolated the covid-19 virus. Freedom of Information requests finally resulte……

Urgent news about the covid-19 vaccine

Dr. Vernon Coleman, MD, discusses briefly the results so far of the covid vaccine. A 3-minute video.……

A rare view of a White House meeting

Here are rare insights into an important White House meeting from Patrick Byrne. Trump comments, “Do you see what I have to put up with?”……

The president explains the covid relief bill

The so-called “covid relief” bill passed by congress is sure to be vetoed by the president. Here is why, in his own words:……

Vaccine death shown on live video

Tiffany Dover, a young 42-year-old healthy nurse, was among the first to take the covid vaccine. About seventeen minutes later, she fainted and collapsed. She died 8 hours later. ……

Vatican rules on the use of fetal tissue in vaccines

Well, it appears that Roman Catholics are going to have to decide whether to follow God or men. The Vati……

News you may have missed

There are two John Durhams.

Political update from Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes give an update on the national political situation.

Showing 61-70 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo