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Blog Category - Prayer Campaigns

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Day 1: Deliverance prayer Campaign

Deliverance Prayer for April 8, 2020 Heavenly Father, we declare our faith in the blood of the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world. We apply the blood of Jesus ……

Deliverance prayer campaign, April 8-10

April 8 is the preparation day for Passover, Abib 14. April 10 is Good Friday. History The early church developed two different traditions in keeping the feast. The ……

Prayer of National Repentance

I awoke this morning with the word that we were to make this day a day of national repentance. As you probably know, the president has already declared this to be a National Day o……

Planting the banner on higher ground

Yesterday, May 28, we achieved a significant victory in spiritual warfare. It really began the day before yesterday, when we discerned that Christ was coming to us with a new song……

The Declaration of Repentance

Last night our Father spoke to me and said that we were to repent today. We have been getting some indications of this, but we had not been given enough revelation to actually do ……

Decree of the Daughters

This decree was sent to me on February 16, 2019 by those in a unique role representing the Daughters of God in the earth. I am not sure of the precise date of the decree, but I th……

Prayer to protect Kavanaugh from witches’ hex

Justice Kavanaugh appears to be a major threat to witches in New York City. They are advertising for more volunteers to join them in placing a hex on Kavanaugh tomorrow, October 2……

Casting down Baal and more

Yesterday ten of us met in Duluth, Minnesota on the slopes of Hermantown (i.e., Mount Hermon) to cast down the primary religion and the god of the Nephilim, Baal. The Arch of B……

The Time of Visitation for the Three Capitals

Yesterday was September 19, the second of our three watch dates that are based on 216-day cycles from last February. The first was September 14, and it focused mainly on the ……

Update on the Burning Man prayer campaign

Yesterday a friend from Minnesota came to my office to give me more information about the Burning Man prayer campaign, which we held from August 26 to September 1, 2018. He had……

Showing 11-20 of -1 results

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching our site using DuckDuckGo